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    Maybe you don’t know which country you are passionate about studying in.  Here’s some helpful information to kick start your research.  Using Bloomberg Businessweek’s list of the top 20 “ Best Countries for Business" here are the study abroad programs offered by Hamline in these countries of commerce.   You can set up an advising meeting to discuss what each program offers.

    20. Poland
    Programs: CIEE, ISEP, Lexia

    19. Norway
    Programs: HECUA, ISEP

    18. Switzerland
    Programs: AIFS, GlobaLinks, ISEP, SIT

    17. United Arab Emirates
    Programs: CIEE, ISEP

    16. Spain
    Programs: AIFS, CC-CS, CIEE, Universidad de Jaen, IES, ISA, ISEP

    15. Finland
    Programs: GlobaLinks, ISEP

    14. France
    Programs: AIFS, CIEE, IES, ISA, ISEP

    13. Belgium
    Programs: AIFS, CIEE, ISA, ISEP

    12. Sweden
    Programs: CIEE, GlobaLinks, ISEP

    11. Austria
    Programs: AIFS, IES, ISEP

    10. United Kingdom
    Programs: Hamline in York, Hamline J-term, AIFS, CIEE, GlobaLinks, Hecua, IES, ISA, ISEP

    11. Denmark
    Programs: ISEP

    8. Singapore
    Programs: GlobaLinks

    7. Canada
    Programs: ISEP

    6. Australia
    Programs: CIEE, GlobaLinks, IES, ISEP, SIT

    5. Germany
    Programs: Hamline at Cologne Business School, Hamline at Universitaet Trier, AIFS, CIEE, GlobaLinks, IES, ISEP

    4. Netherlands
    Programs: AIFS, CIEE, GlobaLinks, IES, ISEP, SIT

    3. Japan
    Programs: Hamline at Akita International University, CIEE, GlobaLinks, IES, ISEP

    2. United States
    Programs: Hecua, SIT International Honors Program

    1. Hong Kong
    Programs: GlobaLinks, ISEP


    AIFS – American Institute for Foreign Study
    CC-CS – The Center for Cross-Cultural Study
    CIEE – Council on International Educational Exchange
    HECUA – Higher Education Consortium for Urban Affairs 
    IES – International Education of Students
    ISA – International Studies Abroad
    ISEP – International Student Exchange Programs
    SIT – School for International Training