• Study Abroad FAQs for Graduate Programs

    What graduate international seminars are scheduled for the 2014-2015 school year?

    In September, Professor David Berg is teaching an international seminar in Shanghai and Bejing, China. In January, Professor David Berg is teaching an international seminar in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. In June, Professor Jane Calarbria McPeak is teaching an international seminar in Modena, Italy.

    What is the expected cost of each International Seminar and what does it include?

    Estimated Cost

    • Approximate travel costs: Costs vary per international seminar. Please see the IOCP office webpage for more information on costs: http://www.hamline.edu/offices/study-abroad/mba-sems.html
    • Fee: $100 non-refundable application fee
    • Tuition: 4 credits based on your cohort tuition rate

    Included in the Itinerary

    • Double occupancy hotel accommodations
    • Transportation within/between cities
    • Emergency International Medical Insurance
    • Internet access
    • Visa fees

    Not Included in the Itinerary

    • Round trip airfare between Minneapolis--Destination
    • Trip cancellation insurance
    • Cost of individual recreation
    • Laundry and personal expenses
    • Telephone/Fax charges

    What Financial Aid is available?

    The Holt Fellowship (link to www.hamline.edu/business/study-abroad/holt-fellowship/) is a unique endowed scholarship made possible by Ann Holt, whose parents attended Hamline. It is only available to faculty and students in the School of Business who study abroad. Visit the Holt Fellowship (link to: www.hamline.edu/business/study-abroad/holt-fellowship/)page to learn more.

    The study abroad office has listed just a few of the external scholarship opportunities (link to: www.hamline.edu/offices/study-abroad/scholarships.html) on their website. You can contact their office at finaid@hamline.edu or call them at 651-523-3000 to get your questions answered about other financial aid options.

    What does the application include?

    The International and Off-Campus programs (IOCP) office can answer all questions about the application paperwork. Visit their website (link to www.hamline.edu/offices/study-abroad.html) send them an email at iocp@hamline.edu or call at 651-523-2245.

    How far into the MBA program are students usually when they study abroad via the international seminars?

    International seminars fit into the elective portion of Modules 4, 5 and 6 in the MBA program. MNM, MPA, and DPA students may also participate in the seminars once they have completed the first year of their program.

    Are only Public Administration students allowed to go on the seminars to Washington DC?

    This Washington DC seminar is a graduate, 4-credit seminar designed to serve students in the MPA, MNM and DPA programs. Students enrolled in the MBA, Graduate School of Liberal Studies, and Graduate School of Education programs are welcome provided they have permission from the program.

    How can students prepare to have a successful study abroad experience before they go?

    Some of the ways students can to have a successful study abroad experience include:

    • Attend the mandatory pre-travel class sessions
    • Research the location and culture of your destination before your travel dates
    • Obtain a language book for travelers and learn 10-12 key phrases before you leave

    What MBA concentration does an International Seminar prepare students for?

    The international seminars will count toward an international management, finance, or marketing concentration in the MBA program. At least one international seminar is required in order to complete an international management concentration.