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    China International Seminar

    The Changing Face of Globalization in China

    China is a vibrant, rapidly-globalizing economy which has grown to enormous importance in the world economy in the past 35 years. This international seminar will permit students to observe this growth and change first-hand, hearing more from both executives and academics about the strategies and the policies that are driving change and growth, as well as the impact of the recent global economic slowdown on a heavily export-driven economy.

    This course is designed to be an intensive and exciting learning experience.

    • Be exposed to the fundamentals of doing business in China
    • Apply basic international business concepts to analyzing and understanding one specific business environment
    • Understand the importance of cultural/historical/environmental context in international business
    • Learn about the past 35 years of Chinese economic opening and growth and the resulting benefits and challenges

    Course Information

    • This four-credit graduate seminar counts toward the international management, finance, and marketing concentration in the MBA program.
    • Seminars are designed to be taken during the elective section of MBA Modules 4, 5, or 6 or by instructor permission.
    • MNM, MPA, and DPA students may also participate in this seminar after completing the first year of their program.

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    Program Terms and Conditions

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