• Ask a Student About Their Study Abroad Experience

  • Jessica Goodsell

    Study Abroad: Jessica Goodsell

    Major: Business Administration, Accounting and Management '15
    Study Abroad Program: York, England

    I chose the Hamline in York program because it allowed me to study abroad while paying Hamline tuition, and it offered relevant classes that let me add another major. I really liked that I was with a group of Hamline students and a Hamline professor because it was comforting to know that we could talk about our shared experiences of studying in a new country. The most significant knowledge I gained from studying abroad was about adapting to a different culture. Although England is an English speaking nation, it was very different from America. I was surprised by how different the language and social customs really were. Although I had been warned of these differences, I had no idea what it was like until I was actually immersed in the culture myself.