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    Jeff Hamiel DPA '07

    The Arial Expert

    Executive Director of the Metropolitan Airport Commission Jeff Hamiel DPA ’07 often faces the world. “My job requires a good deal of public speaking both in the United States and internationally,” he says. Fortunately, he has a Hamline DPA to back him up. “My experience studying public policy has given me a broader perspective of what it takes to manage complex facilities and agencies.”

    Already a leader in his field, Hamiel decided to pursue the DPA to further his career development and stay current on public policy issues. “A former dean of the Humphrey School of Public Affairs suggested that I consider a doctorate program at Hamline,” says Hamiel. “I also had a desire to teach at the college level and a doctorate would have been a valuable credential.”

    Not only did he acquire a doctorate, he also garnered lasting relationships with members of his cohort and Hamline professors. “We had a dynamic cohort with great discussions and debate on a broad variety of public policy issues,” says Hamiel, now a member of the School of Business advisory board. “Everyone respected one another’s opinions.” Hamiel’s professors encouraged such dialogue. “I highly respect the faculty. They are all extremely bright, thoughtful communicators and exceptional representatives of Hamline.”

    With 35 years of experience in his field, Hamiel is widely regarded as an expert. Still, he found his Hamline experience invaluable. “I received excellent mentoring and advice at Hamline,” he says. “I could apply the theory and course content directly to my work. And I think my opinion is well-regarded because of my experience in the field and having earned my doctorate from Hamline. The Hamline name and degree have been very beneficial.”