• Nonprofit Management Minor

    The minor in nonprofit management is designed to provide students from a broad variety of majors with knowledge and insights that will lead to successful careers in the nonprofit sector. Students will learn about the many roles nonprofits play in a healthy and supportive community. They will also learn the vital roles that volunteerism and the nonprofit sector have played in the history of our country, and the emerging roles of nonprofits around the world. The required courses provide specific knowledge on nonprofit governance, management, and operations. In addition to a three course sequence focusing on knowledge and skill development, students who wish to earn the minor in nonprofit management are required to fulfill a semester-long internship with a local nonprofit organization. Students will work with program advisors in selecting internship sites, and will attend a seminar throughout the internship experience that will enrich the experience and allow students to learn from each other. To complete the minor, students will select two additional courses that complement their studies and career goals.


    Core Requirements



    Given the wide variety of majors that students are interested in, students will complete the Nonprofit minor requirements by selecting two courses (8 credits) outside of their major requirements.

    Possible courses include (please note: some of these courses will have prerequisites):

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