• 2014 Women in Public Service Agenda

    Cultivating Authentic Leadership, November 14, 2014

    8:00-8:30 a.m. - Breakfast 

    8:45 a.m. - Welcome

    9:00-10:00 a.m. - Keynote Address

    Dr. Bernadeia H. Johnson, Superintendent, Minneapolis Public Schools
    Dr. Ginger L. Zierdt, Interim Assistant Vice President for Undergraduate Education, MSU Mankato

    10:15-11:45 a.m. - Concurrent Sessions

    1. Five Local Leaders in 5 Minutes
      Come hear some sharp thinkers present their insights related to leadership using a format called Ignite (20 slides automatically advancing every 15 seconds). In addition to five enlightening and quick talks, session participants will have a chance to ask questions, network, and explore the topics presented in small groups.

      Jennifer Kane, Kane Consulting
      Marcela Sanchez, Community Connections Latino Outreach Liaison, Hennepin County Library
      Meg Knodl, Public Affairs Officer, Hennepin County
      Anna Kruchowski, Weber Shandwick
      Irene Fernando, Co-Founder, Students Today Leaders Forever 
    2. Civility in Communications
      Communicating when the topic is contentious, and even when it’s not, can be tricky! Come learn ways to improve the civility of your communications – written and spoken, with individuals and groups – from two panelists. Attendees will learn about the Great Plains Institute’s approach to problem solving and how to focus on having a discussion as opposed to just fighting the issue.

      Aimee Gourlay, Director, Mediation Center
      Rolf Nordstrom, President & CEO, Great Plains Institute

    3. Women in Public Office
      We need women to serve in elected office as well as administration to equally bring women’s perspectives and priorities to the table. Join Maggie Meyer and women officeholders for a discussion on the impact of women’s public service through elected office. Learn about the differences between administration and politics and how women serving in elected and administrative positions benefit the public.

      Maggie Meyer, Associate Director, womenwinning
      Ellen Anderson, Executive Director, University of Minnesota's Energy Transition Lab

    12:00-1:30 p.m. Lunch and Awards – Public Service Leadership Panel

    Judy Zimmer, “10 Ways to Build Your Own Brand”
    Amy Willingham, Lakeville Candidate for State Representative, District 58A
    Deborah Montgomery, Senior Commander (Ret.), St. Paul Police Department

    1:45-3:15 p.m. Concurrent Sessions

    1. Fearless Leadership – Cultivating Ambition, Power and Influence
      There is a growing movement to address the challenges underrepresented groups face in realizing their ambitions. This session will give a brief overview of six of those challenges and offer concrete assistance in addressing them. Participants will gain skills, inspiration and new connections to move themselves forward.

      Speakers: Linda Brandt, Senior Health Promotion Specialist, Hennepin County; Nicole Kutsi, Contracting Officer, Department of Veterans Affairs
      Facilitators: Calley Bliss, Founder, Entertainment Jill; Ericka Cashin, Lt Col, US Air Force; Kristi Hemmer, Founder, Academy for Women's Empowerment; Mary Van Milligen, Assistant to the City Administrator, City of Woodbury
    2.  Using Social Media Tools to Network, Self-Brand and Mentor
       Come hear how to use social media tools in our professional life. Three panelists will share tips and insights on networking, self-branding and mentoring via social media.

      Erica Hanna, Digital Content Director, Curb Crowser
      Katie Kalkman, Client Development Manager, Antenna Consulting
      Meg Knodl, Public Affairs Officer, Hennepin County
    3. Running for Office and Serving in Office
      Women may have an advantage in running for office, but also face barriers. Join Maggie Meyer and women officeholders for a discussion on the practical side of politics and hear about the experiences of women who have run for office and served in office. Learn about service at all levels of elected office and how elected officials work with the public and administrators.

      Maggie Meyer, Associate Director, womenwinning
      Ellen Anderson, Executive Director, University of Minnesota's Energy Transition Lab

    3:15-4:00 p.m. Facilitated Networking Salons and Closing Reception

    Based on feedback from the previous year’s event we are providing attendees the opportunity to have a more substantive chance to network around a specific topic related to career growth and development. The salons will be 45-minute facilitated conversations around one of three topics facilitated by individuals with experience and expertise in a given area. We anticipate that work-life balance and mentoring will be a part of each conversation.

    1. Transitioning In and Up
      For professionals encountering barriers to entry in a new area of work, or who are in an organization but having difficulties promoting. Join this conversation if you are interested in learning about and discussing creative ways to develop your own set of skills and connections to move in and up, particularly if your organization lacks a succession plan program to cultivate, transfer, and preserve institutional knowledge and skills.

      Facilitator: Amanda Varley, Early Childhood Education Specialist, Minnesota Department of Education
      Grace Hanson

    2. Running for Public Office
      Have you been thinking of enhancing your public service career by running for public office? Come and discuss key points to embarking upon this new venture in your career with other attendees and those who have held elected offices.

      Facilitator: Mary Vanderwert Program Manager, Minnesota Oral Health Zone

    3. Transitioning Out and Somewhere New
       If you are seeking a change but are not sure where to start, join this conversation on preparing yourself for moving onto a different stage of your career life. Come and listen and share how others are taking steps to make changes to new stages of their work lives – from mid-career changes, to productive life after "Rule of 90."

      Facilitator: Barbara O’Sullivan, Personal and Professional Life Coach
       Salons are intended to be quick, initial conversations to get attendees engaged and interested in taking next steps to make positive career change; we will offer a LinkedIn group to attendees to stay connected and continue to network after the event. Conversations will be fast-moving and structured around three core concepts:>

      •  What you want to achieve? Encourage attendees to vision 2, 3, or 5 years out and identify how they want their career to look in the context of the session topic.
      •  Who and What can help you? Help attendees identify the individuals, institutions, resources that can facilitate this work. 
      • Important first steps and staying connected.