• MBA Program Prerequisites

    Students entering The Hamline MBA are required to have knowledge in the areas of economics and statistics. Proof of this knowledge is generally shown through the completion of undergraduate courses with a grade of 'B' or better. 

    Students who do not have this experience are offered the opportunity to take courses at Hamline that are exclusively for graduate students preparing for advance studies:

    GPA 6000 - Basic Economics 
    This course will cover the basic economic theories necessary to meet the prerequisite. This course is one night a week for 4 weeks. The course is offered in March, July, and November (subject to change based on enrollment).

     MBA 6010 - Statistics and Financial Mathematics
    This course prepares MBA students to succeed in all the courses within the program’s modules that employ statistical tools, probability, and time-value-of money calculations, not only to solve problems but to make informed decisions as managers. Major topics include descriptive statistics, sampling methodologies, probability, inferential statistics, bivariate and multivariate analyses, reliability vs. validity, interest rates, capital budgeting, and bond valuation.  This course is one night a week for 4 weeks.  The course is offered in April, August, and December (subject to change based on enrollment).

    How to Register for a Prerequisite

    Students can take prerequisites after admission or prior to being admitted as non-degree seeking students.  Call the School of Business at 651-523-2284 for information on how to get registered.