• MBA Concentrations

    MBA students can earn a concentration by completing three elective courses of the same subject. Concentrations allow students to study a discipline in more depth and tailor their Hamline MBA to fit their specific career goals. 


    In the highly competitive world of today’s business, effective marketing is key to survival and growth. From measuring the motivation of current customers to determining where future profitable markets may be, to the development of innovative products and services, turning an organization towards a marketing orientation is the beginning of business success. To anticipate and create change in organizations, a solid grounding in marketing strategy and the successful execution of the planned tactics is essential.

    This concentration is designed for students who envision themselves touching one or more of the many parts of the discipline of marketing. Module Three courses focus on the external business environment and serve as the foundation to the more specialized marketing electives. Our e-marketing, international, and market research electives provide the knowledge and confidence to be part of today’s world of marketing.


    Today’s financial environment requires that all functional managers understand value creation and risk mitigation. The study of finance enables managers to view their company’s progress through the lens of competitive markets.

    This concentration is designed for students interested in acquiring the additional knowledge and skills required in today's financial environment. The core MBA finance courses, in combination with the finance electives, give the student a strong perspective of finance applications and concepts.

    International Management

    An understanding of the international dimension of business management is both critical and fascinating. Our supply chains reach around the world, and if a firm’s competition does not already have foreign ties, it may in the near future. 

    This concentration does not require advanced international experience, only an openness to explore the business environment where it crosses international borders. International content in the core MBA courses, in combination with the international management electives, addresses international dimensions of marketing, human resources, law, finance, and strategy. The concentration also assures an understanding of international trade agreements and business trends.

    Conflict Management

    An essential skill in today's global business environment is the ability to understand and work through conflict to minimize its destructive qualities and harness its constructive potential for organizational health, growth and change.

    Students learn to work constructively through conflict, leading to healthier, more productive organizations. Concentration classes -- taught by experienced faculty with backgrounds in conflict theory and organizational management -- focus on both theory and practical skills. Students who complete the conflict concentration will be able to better anticipate potential conflict, understand and analyze conflict as it unfolds, apply insights and skills to respond constructively and appropriately to conflict and develop a systems-level perspective on organizational conflict management.

    Hamline University is home to the Center for Conflict Studies and the Dispute Resolution Institute. By partnering with these entities, the Hamline School of Business offers students a learning opportunity that is truly unique in the Twin Cities.