• Undergraduate Business Major Concentrations

    The major programs offered in Hamline’s School of Business provide the essentials of business within a liberal framework. All students will graduate with a wide range of abilities to manage and lead successful organizations in the face of our modern and increasingly complex world.


    In a world of complex financial transactions, accountants are on the cutting edge of recording and quantifying economic events. Whether a student chooses private industry, public accounting, government, or nonprofit, the choices are abundant and available to anyone entering the field.


    Hamline’s bachelor’s degrees in business are built upon a philosophy that sets them apart from other programs. At Hamline, you’ll graduate with the critical thinking skills, professional experiences, and contacts necessary to pursue your desired career or graduate school.


    Hamline’s economics department strives to provide a strong foundation in economic theory within the critical thinking context of the liberal arts. Students will learn the underlying forces of economic cycles and the consequences of economic conditions on the decisions of leaders in all sectors. 


    Finance majors will graduate with a wide range of abilities to manage and lead successful organizations in the face of a modern and increasingly complex world. Study the principles and practical applications of modern financial analysis and attain vital competencies for today’s changing economy. 

    International Business

    As the global economy continues to expand, demand increases for students with an international perspective on business. International business majors will obtain knowledge of the business practices and politics utilized by other cultures while developing their analytical, communication, and interpersonal skills.


    The management major is aimed at developing skills and abilities needed to lead organizations in today's rapidly changing business environment. Students will be exposed to all aspects of the organizational decision-making process, conflict resolution, strategic thinking, and leadership. 


    Prepare for a wide variety of occupations. Learn marketing fundamentals and gain a thorough understanding of consumer behavior and strategic communications. Hamline’s marketing students will graduate with the skills and experience necessary to forge a successful career in marketing across a variety of companies and organizations.