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    Doctorate in Public Administration

    Real leaders, real world.

    If you're a seasoned public employee who wants to strengthen your knowledge and skills—or you’re preparing for a career transition to consult or teach—Hamline’s Doctorate in Public Administration (DPA) degree is the ideal program for you.

    Skills learned in the DPA degree program allow you to advance your career, as well as improve the field of public administration and enhance overall public leadership.

    DPA at a Glance

    • Offered at the Hamline University Saint Paul Campus
    • Offered every other year
    • Ten 4-credit courses (6 core and 4 elective), 14-week terms, evening courses
    • Final comprehensive exam, taken after all coursework is completed
    • Completion and defense of dissertation (8 credits)
    • Completion time: 4-5 years (10 years maximum)

    More information in the DPA Handbook (PDF)

    Why a Doctorate in Public Administration?

    When the lines between the public, private, and nonprofit sectors blur, certain fundamental leadership skills are often required across all three. No doubt, as a seasoned, top-performing professional with a master’s degree, you already possess these fundamentals. 

    But if you are ready to move further — to the more challenging and complex level of executive responsibilities and influence — Hamline’s DPA will ensure your success in this high-profile realm

    Leveraging the knowledge of academics and executive-level professionals, our program is specifically structured to make practical use of your current role or work environment as a “lab”"for research and exploration, using situations you face at work to complete assignments.

    And because public administrators today encounter increasingly complex global issues — diverse populations, bonds and worldbanking, world trade, pandemics, critical infrastructure needs, and homeland security to name a few — this curriculum will expand your skills, crossing not only other sectors but local, national, and inter-continental boundaries. 

    Via our unique DPA framework, you will gain practical application and executive expertise — high-level management tools,elevated analytical thinking and amplified leadership skills — in real-world situations.

    Our rigorous candidate selection process assures that you, along with a small cohort of other exceptional local and international people, will experience in-depth immersion into public administration topics, research, and study. Through an intense exchange of
    ideas, worldviews, and cultures you will create a powerful learning community, forging friends, colleagues and alliances for life.

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