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    This forward-looking seminar series provides public service professionals the opportunity to learn from accomplished, leading voices in public administration. Engage in interactive seminars on topics that you can immediately apply to improve your work and your organization.

    This year, the seminars will include a post-presentation discussion over lunch. Participants can attend the seminar plus lunch and discussion, or come at noon just for lunch, discussion and networking.

    Session III: Public Participation in the Public Square

    Friday, April 8, 2016

    Jim Scheibel, City of Saint Paul and Hamline School of Business
    Mike Higgins, City of Eau Claire, WS (former)
    Elizabeth Glidden, City of Minneapolis City Council
    Honglian Yang, Hamline University public administration doctoral candidate

    The problems that government officials face are daunting. Yet, we haven’t yet tapped into the greatest element of our improved problem-solving capacity; citizens themselves. Citizens can be part of our problem solving conversations because citizens bring their own insights, resources, and power. But raising citizen capacity is not always a comfortable fact for public leaders. Explore how we design the public square to be a citizen-centered square. Learn how we strengthen the skills and structures necessary for public participation and how people make things of public value together.

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