• General Requirements

    Graduating with University Honors requires you to fulfill requirements in four areas: academic excellence, undergraduate research, contributions to community, and development as a lifelong learner. Honors students document and provide reflections on all of their Honors work on the University Honors Blackboard site and are responsible for pursuing relevant opportunities and for meeting with the Director of Honors at least once every semester.

    To achieve University Honors a student must propose a plan for achieving Undergraduate Honors to the Director of Honors. Once your plan is revised as necessary, accepted, and approved, you will have access to the University Honors Blackboard site, where you will build your Honors portfolio.

    • Students who matriculate with 0- 23 credits must earn 1,000 points while matriculated at Hamline.

    • Transfer students who matriculate with 24- 64 credits have two choices:
      1. To pursue a 1,000-point portfolio. In this case, the student may apply to have pre-Hamline experiences count as part of their portfolio. Please note that only experiences that occurred while you were enrolled at another institution of higher learning can be accepted. Neither Post-Secondary Enrollment Option (PSEO) nor College in the Schools (CIS) work can be accepted toward Honors, nor can experiences accrued while doing PSEO or CIS work.
      2. To pursue a smaller portfolio over 4- 6 semesters (more detail below). 
    • All Honors students must fulfill four aspects of honors—academic excellence, undergraduate research, contributions to community, and development as a lifelong learner—which embody Hamline’s mission, values, and vision. The four aspects of honors together reflect Hamline’s commitment to knowledge, teaching, and learning; to the liberal arts; to collaboration, scholarship, and service; to the development and education of the whole person; and to an ethic of social justice and civic responsibility. There are four different Honors plans:
    (Please note that points distributions have been revised, and that the new points distributions can be used by all University Honors students. If you wish to revise your existing proposal, please submit your revised proposal, with explanations of your revisions, via Blackboard.)
    • All Honors students must create and maintain an online portfolio on the University Honors Blackboard site documenting their experiences toward University Honors.
      • For all work, accomplishments, or activities that you plan to apply to your Honors portfolio, you must submit a University Honors Reflection Form. These Reflections give you the opportunity to substantiate, explain, and reflect upon your experience. Reflections are due to the Director of Honors within one month of the completion of the work to which they refer.
    • All Honors students must enroll in the one credit Introduction to Honors course their first semester in the Honors program.
    • All Honors students must pass an honors defense colloquium during their last full semester at Hamline.