• General Requirements


    University Honors enables students to make the most of their college career and to prepare themselves for their lives after college. Our program revolves around:
         Four pillars: academic excellence, undergraduate research, contributions to 
    community, and development as a lifelong learner
         Reflection about your work inside and outside the classroom
         A community of people determined to make the most of their college experience.
    Together, these are designed to challenge you and support you throughout your time as an honors student.

    Every University Honors student crafts their own proposal, their own plan for achieving across all four pillars. Proposals empower students to take control of their college careers, inside and outside of the classroom, and prepare them for life after graduation. University Honors is a reflection-based program.  Students reflect on all of their Honors activities and submit their reflections as a way of tracking points.  Click here for examples of reflections on: Academic excellence, Research experience, Contributions to community, and Lifelong learning. University Honors seeks to build community.  Students have some experiences in common, including HONS 1000, Introduction to Honors, senior colloquium, and attendance at several required annual events.  We also offer many other social events at which students can get to know one another, and a lounge for University Honors students' exclusive use. 

    Detailed Requirements 

    • All students: 
      • Take HONS 1000 during their first semester in the program
      • Attend required events
      • Achieve a GPA of 3.4 or higher by graduation
      • Complete a successful Honors colloquium during their last semester at Hamline 
    • All students craft and maintain a University Honors proposal in which they earn sufficient points.  Points requirements vary depending on how many semesters students spend at Hamline (not how many semesters they spent in University Honors)
    • All students must reflect regularly, must submit reflections regularly, and must maintain their University Honors portfolio.  

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