• Tuition

    Tuition & Fees

    Summer 2018 undergraduate tuition is $655 per semester credit (most courses are 4 semester credits.)

    * Tuition is discounted to $630 per semester credit if you register by May 11, 2018. (May not be combined with other discounts.)

    View Graduate Summer Term Enrollment Costs.

    Full payment is due Friday, June 1, 2018.

    Refund Schedule

    If a student officially withdraws from a summer term course, tuition will be refunded according to the following dates:


    % Refunded







    Term I

    June 5

    June 6

    June 7

    June 8

    June 11

    Term II

    July 10

    July 11

    July 12

    July 13

    July 16

    Term III

    June 7

    June 8

    June 11

    June 12

    June 13

    Course Fee

    Some courses have a nominal additional fee to help cover laboratory supplies, field trips, etc. Course fees are not refundable if you cancel your registration after the class has begun.

    Financial Aid & VA Benefits

    Financial aid is available for summer students enrolled in at least six semester credits. Financial aid for summer normally consists of Federal Subsidized or Unsubsidized Stafford Loans, PLUS Loans, SELF, Private Loans, Minnesota State Grant, and Pell Grant (when applicable). Contact the Student Administrative Services office at 651-523-3000 for information on eligibility and application deadlines.

    If you are eligible to receive VA educational benefits during the academic year, you are probably eligible to receive them for the summer. For further information, consult with the veterans benefit coordinator at 651-523-3000.