Special Education: Categorical License

School of Education and Leadership

Hamline provides a pathway for categorical licensure for educators who already hold a special education teaching license in Minnesota. Our programs can help you pursue an additional specialization with an Academic Behavioral Strategist (ABS) license or Autism Spectrum Disorder license (ASD).

Education foundation course

GED 7888 English Learners in the Mainstream, 2 credits

Academic Behavioral Strategist licensure courses

  • SPED 7201 Collaboration and Multi-categorical Strategies, 2 credits
  • SPED 7202 Social Communication and Positive Behavior Supports, 4 credits
  • SPED 7203 Functional Academic and Life Skills, 2 credits
  • SPED 7204 Academic and Instructional Strategies for Learners with Mild to Moderate Disabilities, 2 credits
  • SPED 7205 Behavior Intervention and Mental Health, 4 credits

Autism Spectrum Disorder licensure courses

  • SPED 7100 Autism Spectrum Disorder: Introduction and Overview, 2 credits
  • SPED 7101 Proactive Behavior Management, 2 credits
  • SPED 7102 Assessment: Identification and Planning for the Student with ASD, 2 credits
  • SPED 7103 Communication, Assessment, and Intervention for Learners with ASD, 2 credits
  • SPED 7104 Intervention and Strategies for Students with ASD, 4 credits
  • SPED 7105 Collaborative Transition Programming to Support Individuals with ASD Across Ages, 2 credits

Student teaching

  • Advanced Practicum, 4 credits (additional/categorical license only)