Administrative License Program Details

Courses and program requirements

Hamline’s Administrative Licensure program is a hybrid model, which allows you to complete coursework primarily online with limited on-campus instruction in as a few as two years.

A Hamline administrative license includes:

  • Completion of coursework (details below)
  • Electronic portfolio
  • 320-hour field experience

The state of Minnesota requires administrative licensure applicants to acquire a minimum of 60 credits past a baccalaureate degree, which must include a master’s degree.

Administrative licensure candidates at Hamline complete a pre-assessment of the state’s administrative licensure competencies in the Initial Leadership Assessment course. This course will determine development of the state competencies, collaborative and equity leadership, as well as establish a program plan for course sequencing and licensure completion.


An initial Minnesota Administrative License requires 26 credits.

General courses for all licensure areas (16 credits)

  • GED 8145 Introduction to Administrative Licensure (2 credits)
  • GED 8150 Initial Leadership Assessment (2 credits)
  • GED 8100 Leadership and Organization (4 credits)
  • GED 8125 School Finance (2 credits)
  • GED 8142 Education Law and Ethics (4 credits)
  • GED 8101 Human Relations in Organizations (2 credits)

One licensure-focused course (4 credits)

  • GED 8135 The K-12 Principal
  • GED 8120 The District Superintendent
  • GED 8115 Director of Special Education

Field experience (6 credits)

  • Field Experience I: Plan (2 credits)
  • Field Experience II: Portfolio (2 credits)
  • Field Experience III: Exit (2 credits)

Elective courses (0 to 4 credits)

  • Number of electives varies by student and ranges from 0 to 4 credits
  • The minimum number of elective credits required is determined by evaluating two factors:
    • Whether the candidate needs additional coursework to develop leadership competencies
    • If the candidate still needs additional credits to satisfy the state requirement of acquiring 60 credits beyond their bachelor's degree including post-BA credits, a master's degree, and licensure coursework
  • Transferred coursework can be included with approval by the program director
  • Electives are selected to develop leadership competencies

Hamline offers a pathway to administrative licensure for K-12 principals, district superintendents, and special education directors. Hamline's Administrative Licensure program is compliant with all requirements described in Minnesota Administrative Rules, Chapter 3512. Hamline's administrative licensure programs are licensure only, and may be applied toward Hamline's Doctorate in Education (EdD).

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Administrative License Program Overview