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    Bishop Leonidas Lent Hamline

    "Meet me at the Bishop!"

    "Meet me at the Bishop!" is a common refrain among students. The statue, located at the heart of campus and framed by benches, is a popular meeting and hanging out place for the Hamline community. Dressing up the statue, by putting a T-shirt, sandwich board, or bunch of balloons on the Bishop, is a favorite way for students to advertise events.

    The statue depicts Bishop Leonidas Lent Hamline, the university's founding benefactor. A bishop of the Methodist Church, Hamline's interest in the frontier led him to give $25,000 toward the building of an institution of higher learning in what was then the Territory of Minnesota. Hamline died without having the chance to visit his namesake university.

    The statue, commissioned by Annette Strand Scherer Robbins '36, was designed by the late Hamline art professor Michael Price. It is dedicated (in Bishop Hamline's words) to "all who have provided the means and facilities of education."

    What role does the Bishop now play on campus?

    • Campus landmark
    • Meeting spot
    • T-shirt display

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