• Minneapolis Location Resources


    Hamline Minneapolis is serviced by the Hamline University Bookstore. Students can purchase books through the Hamline University Bookstore website, which offers free ground shipping to your home.

    Technology and Internet Access

    Each classroom is equipped with one desktop computer and tech podium that connects to the projector system. Both breakout rooms have wall monitor with adapters to connect and display visual images from your laptop. We are equipped with a wireless computer environment which is protected and not available to the public at large. You will need your Hamline log-in to access the network.

    Health and Privacy

    A health and privacy room has been established in room 53. The room has multiple soft seating options, a table with chairs, and electrical outlets. The room can be locked from within, allowing for full privacy. The door will display occupied if someone is inside.


    Hamline students, upon registration, are provided with a printing and photocopying billing code. This number is different from your Piperline PIN number and is used exclusively for printing and photocopying. If you forget it, you can always retrieve it by logging onto Piperline. There is a multi-function device for printing and copying available in room 54.

    Public Space: Lounge (room #34):

    Feel free to use public space if you arrive early for class. There are vending machines in the lounge and a refrigerator. Dishes and silverware are not provided by the university, so please plan to bring them with you if needed. Please do not leave any food in the refrigerator overnight. It is important to take care of the space we have and work together to keep it clean.

    Safety and Security

    In the event of a medical or security emergency, please dial 911. Access to break out rooms 26 and 29 can be obtained on a first come, first serve basis by calling Hamline Safety and Security at 651-523-2100. You will need to provide your name and student ID number to the dispatcher. If you need assistance from building security, please call 612-210-1341.

    Scheduling Meetings/Events

    If you need to schedule a room for study groups, practice presentations, etc., you must work with your faculty member at least one week in advance. Small group meeting space is available in rooms #26 and #29 on a first come, first serve basis.