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TechSelect Mobile Device Policy

Department responsible: ITS Management Office

Owner: ITS Management Office

Pertains to: All Staff

Description: To establish the parameters of a technology acquisition program (TechSelect) that constitutes Hamline University’s official and required process of end-user technology hardware, device, and service acquisition and to stipulate the conditions under which Hamline-owned or personally-owned mobile devices may be used at Hamline University within the confines of said TechSelect program.



To establish the parameters of a technology acquisition program (TechSelect) that constitutes Hamline University's official and required process of end-user technology hardware, device, and service acquisition and to stipulate the conditions under which Hamline-owned or personally-owned mobile devices may be used at Hamline University within the confines of said TechSelect program.


This policy applies to all employees of Hamline University.

This policy applies to mobile devices, such as smartphones and iPads, but the policy does not include laptop computers.


Hamline will provide technology devices/hardware and associated services to University employees and departments via a program called TechSelect. Under TechSelect, mobile devices qualify for use under the program in three distinct categories:

(1) Devices acquired through Hamline are termed "Hamline-Owned, Personally Enabled" (HOPE).

(2) Devices acquired and owned by the employee but have associated services provided through or by Hamline, are termed "Hamline-Enabled, Personally-Owned" (HEPO).

(3) Any employee who chooses to use a personally-owned mobile device for Hamline business but also elects not to allow the device to be incorporated as a HEPO device is considered to have a "BYOD" device (Bring Your Own Device).

(1) HOPE Devices


All acquisitions of HOPE equipment and services will be made by Hamline ITS in consultation with requester(s) and other relevant parties within the organization.

Requests for HOPE hardware and associated services must be accompanied by the approval of the budget manager of the requester's department.

Only devices compatible with Hamline's MDM platform will be considered under the HOPE TechSelect program. Enrollment in MDM is a requirement for all HOPE devices.

Use and Security

HOPE mobile devices may be used for personal purposes (e.g. taking personal photos), as long as such personal use does not create an undue burden on Hamline resources including financial, technical support, network and data storage, or other technical infrastructure utilization. In no circumstances shall personal use include activities of an illegal nature.

Auditing of personal use by ITS is not required and will not be done. To the extent that any egregious or excessive abuse of personal use is discovered by a budget manager, it shall be that budget manager's responsibility to provide oversight and to report any concerns to the ITS Management Office.

Misuse or abuse of personal use of a HOPE device may be cause for it to be discontinued.

Hamline ITS makes no commitment of support for HOPE-related personal use, but ITS may at its discretion offer or develop resources to aid HOPE users in backing up their personal HOPE data, for example.

Cost and Billing

Hamline departments will be billed for all expenses associated with their HOPE hardware and services acquired via the program.

Billing for cellular service on mobile devices will be a baseline rate and will include an additional surcharge for enrollment in Mobile Device Management (MDM).

Personal use of a HOPE device will not require a personal financial contribution, whether by payroll deduction or other means. Hamline funds and financial processes may not be used for the acquisition or provisioning of personal apps, content, or services associated with a HOPE device.

An employee may elect to contribute personal funds to a Hamline-owned HOPE device acquisition, but such a contribution is irrevocable and non-reimbursable and does not confer ownership of the device to the employee under any circumstances.

(2) HEPO Devices


Only devices compatible with Hamline's MDM platform are eligible for HEPO subsidization. Enrollment in MDM is a requirement for all HEPO devices. ITS will charge the department account(s) an associated fee for enrollment and management of the HEPO device in Hamline's Mobile Device Management (MDM) environment.

The approval of requests for Hamline subsidization of services (such as wireless carrier service) associated with HEPO devices will be made by the budget manager of the requester's department.

Use and Security

As owner of the HEPO hardware or device, the employee will be responsible for the cost of all repairs/replacements/upgrades, accessories, insurance/warranties, and the like. Hamline and/or ITS will not service, repair, maintain, or ensure compatibility of HEPO devices. HEPO subsidizations may be withdrawn at any time, including but not necessarily limited to, technical incompatibilities with MDM and/or lack of suitability for intended business functions.

Hamline ITS will not offer technical support to HEPO devices beyond that required to install and maintain required MDM capabilities on the device.

HEPO devices are offered in lieu of equivalent HOPE devices/service. The employee is expected to not unduly restrict their business use of the device, including limitations posed by their mobile carrier voice and data allotments.

The owner of a HEPO device owns the associated phone number and can retain it in perpetuity. During the duration of its designation as a HEPO device, the user agrees to allow the number to be used for Hamline business, including its sharing and publication in Hamline contact lists, directories, etc.

Cost and Reimbursement

Hamline will not reimburse employees for the purchase of HEPO equipment.

If an employee's request to use a personally-owned device as a HEPO device is approved by his or her budget manager, subsidization will be offered as a reimbursement equal to the service charges incurred by Hamline for equivalent HOPE devices/services. The reimbursement will be drawn from Hamline account(s) approved by the relevant budget authority.

(3) BYOD Devices

Employees who are considered key personnel by the University are excluded from the eligibility to use a BYOD device for Hamline work. Those considered key personnel are members of the University Leadership Team, their direct reports, and staff from several departments:

• The University Leadership Team and their Direct Reports
• HR
• Finance
• Student Administrative Services
• Registration & Records
• Public Relations
• Safety & Security
• Counseling & Health Services
• Admissions
• Provost's Office

Employees who are among the above-defined key personnel can at their discretion restrict some or all of their staff from BYOD eligibility as well.

Use of BYOD is not subject to the stipulations of this policy that relate to HOPE, HEPO, and the Mobile Device User Agreement.

Mobile Device User Agreement

By enrolling and/or being approved by their budget manager for participation in the TechSelect HOPE and HEPO programs, the user of any HOPE or HEPO mobile device at Hamline University agrees to the following stipulations:

All HOPE and HEPO mobile devices shall be enrolled in enterprise mobile device management (MDM) or equivalent management/administration systems.

All HOPE and HEPO mobile devices shall require an authentication mechanism that functions as a password to protect the device from unauthorized access. This authentication method must be of sufficiently complex to constitute strong security as supported by the device (e.g., a minimum of four digits, with simple and/or repeating number sequences such as "0000" or "1234" being excluded).

Mobile devices will employ an auto-lock, screen saver, or similar mechanism by which the user is automatically logged out of the device within a prescribed time.

Hamline data shall not be stored on, uploaded to, or synced with non-authorized cloud-based data storage services.

Local, on-device storage of Hamline data shall be minimized.

Confidential information, such as student grades or social security numbers, shall not be stored on a mobile device.

It is the HOPE or HEPO device owner's responsibility to backup any personal data (including apps, documents, media files, settings, etc.) on the device. Hamline is not responsible for any loss of personal data on a HOPE or HEPO device.

Upon loss, theft, or suspected compromise of a HOPE device, the employee must immediately notify Hamline Safety & Security, who will then work with the user to disable and/or locate the device and/or change the password on the user's Hamline account (as necessary given the risk level). All other technical issues should be brought to the attention of the ITS Service Desk.

Monitoring of use or location of mobile devices using MDM will not be exercised by Hamline except to comply with applicable legal, regulatory, and/or policy parameters (e.g., to comply with subpoenas or disclosure requirements) or to serve legitimate business needs (e.g., to assist in finding or recovering lost or stolen devices).

The services provided for a mobile device at the billed cost will cover all usage of the device under a basic services plan, including phone calls, SMS/texting, email, and data usage. Additional service charges incurred on a HOPE device will be billed to the departmental billing account and detail of such charges will be available from ITS upon request.

Non-personal mobile app acquisitions for Apple devices should be made via PCard only and should be made within the Apple VPP program (in consultation with ITS) and/or via a Hamline-managed, non-personal iTunes account (departmental or single user).

If an employee departs the organization, the employee shall either a) in the case of a HOPE device, return the device with all associated accessories and packaging, or b) in the case of a HEPO device, make his or her device available to Hamline ITS, for the removal of Hamline data by his or her last day of service. Failure to do so will result in Hamline unilaterally wiping data from or otherwise disabling the device.

Policy Background and Implications

The TechSelect technology acquisition program allows employees and departments of Hamline University to acquire mobile hardware, devices, and associated services for use in their work. These devices are often configured to receive Hamline email and calendar appointments and otherwise may contain or provide access to Hamline data.

Changes to this Policy

Hamline reserves the right to change this policy at any time. Hamline will post the most up-to-date version of the policy on Hamline's web site and may, at its discretion, provide users with additional notice of significant changes.

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