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Death or Serious Injury of Faculty, Staff, or Students (Procedures for Response)

Owner: Dean of Student's

Pertains to: All students, faculty, and staff

Description: Procedures for response to death or serious injury of faculty, staff, or students


The purpose of this document is to outline the procedures for responding to a death or serious injury of a current faculty member, staff member, or student.

The general principle guiding these procedures is that the Dean of Students office will collaborate with the appropriate leadership of the unit impacted by the death or serious injury.  Said "appropriate leadership" should be the Dean of the school, a designated staff member from that dean's office, or the vice president of the unit impacted. Throughout this document, "the unit impacted" will be defined as the appropriate leadership for a particular instance, whether dean, dean's designee, vice president or provost.

The Dean of Students office will coordinate with the unit impacted to commence and execute the communication and response plans outlined in this document, including a determination of which steps outlined herein are appropriate for each individual situation.

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