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Computer Lab Software

Owner: ITS

Pertains to: Faculty

Description: In order to ensure the reliability and performance of software applications running in the computer labs, ITS has adopted this policy for all discipline-specific software applications needed.


In order to ensure the reliability and performance of software applications running in the computer labs during a given academic year in a timely manner, ITS has developed the procedures below for all discipline-specific software applications needed in computer labs for the upcoming academic year.

There are two main reasons for these procedures: 

  • Updating and maintaining current levels of software applications running in the lab environment.

  • Quantity/Complexity: We're now running a vast number of applications in the lab environment including some very large and exceedingly complex packages. The size and complexity of these environments increase each term.

Most software packages have a life of approximately 3 years. After that period they need to be either upgraded or replaced. 

Computer lab software applications deployment procedures

  • In order for a particular software application to be present in the computer labs for a given term it must be requested by the specified deadline. This is to provide ample time for testing in a changing operating environment. Also, applications that are not used during a term can no longer be kept in the application launcher indefinitely. If a request notification for a discipline-specific software application is not received during the required time period that application will be removed from availability in the labs.

    Note: This applies only to applications found in the "Lab" folder. This does not apply to any enterprise level standard desktop productivity applications such as: Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, GroupWise, SPSS, Acrobat Reader, Cyberlink DVD Viewer, Banner, Crystal Reports, WS_FTP, etc. The one exception to this rule is Mathematica. Although found in the Lab folder, Mathematica is considered an enterprise application and need not be requested for availability.

  • All requests for software application deployment in the labs, (both new and updated versions of existing software) will be honored twice a year, prior to the fall and spring semesters. Requests must be received no later than June 1 for the Fall semester and December 1 for the Spring semester. Requests for new applications or upgrades must include both a copy of the media and license for the software. This is necessary in order to test all applications in conjunction with the current operating system (see below), security platform, DeepFreeze software, etc.

  • All applications must be compatible with the Windows XP Professional operating system.

  • Requests to keep ANY non-enterprise (see #1 above) software application in the labs should be directed via email to the ITSMGMT email account. If we do not receive a request to keep existing software packages they will be removed from the Labs install folder.

  • All requests for NEW or additional software applications to be added to the lab environment need to fill out the online form.