Hamline Policies

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Bandwidth Use and Copyright Infringement

Owner: ITS

Pertains to: Faculty, Staff, Students, Visitors

Description: To ensure adequate network performance across the Hamline campus, all users are required to follow computer-use guidelines.


In the past, Hamline University utilized a generally liberal policy regarding “entertainment down-/uploads” in the residence halls and other areas of the campus (otherwise known as “file-sharing”) involving the use of such applications as Napster, Kazaa, Grokster, Morpheus, etc. One result of this liberal approach was a serious degradation of network performance in the residence halls as well as the teaching and learning applications throughout the University.

Recent successful initiatives by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) have made it clear that the courts have judged the acquisition of copyrighted video and audio files without permission or purchase to be illegal and prosecutable. Although this has always been deemed a violation of the Technology Use Policy of Hamline University, these events make it clear that the liability of both the University and individuals engaged in this activity has been significantly heightened.

Consequently in order to:

  • preserve adequate network performance for fellow students in residence halls, 
  • preserve adequate network performance for the teaching and learning applications throughout the campus, 
  • limit the liability of the University and individuals from copyright violations under federal law, 
  • and control University costs incurred in attempting to meet excessive bandwidth demands

Information Technology Services has adopted the following policy:

  • All residence hall students will be required to register their personal computers over the network before service can be initiated.

  • File uploads/downloads (of any kind) will be limited to 2 gigabytes per month for each personal computer.

  • Illegal download of any file (i.e., without permission or purchase) constitutes a violation of the Technology Use Policy and may result - at minimum - in suspension of all technology privileges.

Please contact the Helpdesk at (651) 523-2220 or email the ITS HelpDesk for clarification or explanation of any of the points of this policy.