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“Humanize My Hoodie” Released Limited Edition Book and Documentary

“Humanize My Hoodie”, a movement led by Hamline University adjunct instructor Jason Sole and his collaborator Andre Wright, recently released their biggest project to date: The “Humanize My Hoodie Book” and the “Road to New York Fashion Week Documentary”.

The “Humanize My Hoodie Book” is a 285-page graphic novel and resource that tells the story of how Wright and Sole turned an idea into a movement spanning the globe. While living in Minnesota and Iowa the two men have paved their own ways in academia, the fashion industry, corporate America, museums, libraries, the music industry, prisons, and beyond.

This book includes:

  • Strategies for overcoming racial bias
  • Strategies used to challenge threat perceptions of individuals and organizations
  • Testimonials from future practitioners who were students in Jason’s study (n=97) at Hamline University
  • Exclusive photos from the New York Fashion Week Pop-up Art Exhibition as well as the Runway Fashion Show
  • Partnerships formed with individuals and organizations to create racial equity.

Only 1000 copies of the book will be printed. The first 250 will be autographed.

To complement the book, “Humanize My Hoodie” will also release a documentary that captures the journey of two black boys trying to survive in a racist world that doesn’t appreciate them. This biopic highlights Sole and Wright’s childhoods, adulthood, and their Road to New York Fashion Week.

Over the last three years, the Humanize My Hoodie Movement has strategically challenged perceptions of threat by using a simple, yet complex, garment.

In Sole’s words, “Our mission is rooted in the simple philosophy that the hoodie is a garment, but underneath is a HUMAN BEING—whose life should not be judged based on the color of their skin, societal perspectives or the clothing they choose to wear.”

Sole goes on to say, “There is valuable life inside of these hoodies, and we have vowed to change the lens through which people view the hoodie, Black and Indigenous folks, and people of color.”

Full press release.

12/9/19 edited 12/23/19
Written by staff.