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Student Snapshot: Summer at All Sports Camp


This summer I had the opportunity to work at the All Sports Camp at Hamline University. I am a lacrosse player who spent my first year of college living in Sorin under Covid precautions so I felt excited returning to campus for summer work outside.

The camp ran for the entire month of July, Monday through Thursday. Every sport offered is coached by collegiate student athletes who play at Hamline or other schools around the area. Each week 250 or so kids entering grades one through nine joined us. Every camper chose up to four sports they want to participate in throughout their days at camp.

Challenges of the job

Outdoor sports were occasionally tough because of raging heat, or downpours, and smoke from the Canadian wildfires. Inside sports were also a challenge because the air conditioning in Walker Fieldhouse didn't work for the entire month. Having multiple water days and pushing a lot of fluids helped. Despite these challenges, the kids had fun and the counselors made a lot of good memories.

Jalisa Mathews ’23 is an incoming junior on the Track and Cross Country team. Her favorite part of camp was being able to build relationships she never expected. 

“The first couple of days working at the camp I wondered what I got myself into, but as I became more comfortable throughout the month I began to love it. I really enjoyed building relationships with the kids as well as my co-workers,” said Mathews. “It’s always fun to see the confidence in the kids grow with the ability to play multiple sports.”

Some campers were difficult, especially when there were thirty more to look after in a group. But, the relationships made between the counselors and even the bonds with the kids were well worth the struggles.

“I decided to work at the All Sports Camp since it was close to my house and because I love athletics and teaching kids how to play sports,” said Tara DeLeo ’22, a senior on the women's lacrosse team at Hamline who worked the camp.

Benefits of the Job

This was a really cool experience because I got to work on campus coaching sports that I love. I coached “ice” hockey —Hamline doesn't have an ice arena on campus so I actually taught floor hockey. I also coached lacrosse, my favorite sport. Coaching kids who might have never heard of lacrosse or have always wanted to try it allowed me to pass on my love and passion for the game. I also enjoyed coaching alongside other student athletes who go to Hamline, including teammates and athletes from other sports.

“The best part was making new friends since I didn’t get to make any due to COVID,” said Taylor Atkins ’24, a sophmore on the dance team who worked the camp. She is now joining the dive team as a result of the friends she made working at the camp.

As I am about to start my sophomore year, and the second year of living with Covid on Hamline’s campus, I am grateful for my experience at All Sports Camp because it gave me the opportunity to meet new people and make more connections with other athletes on campus.

Pictured: Clare Chambers (lacrosse), Jalisa Mathews (track & field), Lucy Hoelscher (track & field), Taylor Atkins(dance/swim & dive), Julia Needham (swim & dive).

Written by Clare Chambers