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Muslim Women’s Literary Conference at Hamline University

Hamline University’s Muslim Student Association (MSA) will co-host the fifth annual Muslim Women's Literary Conference in partnership with the educational nonprofit Rabata and Daybreak Press. The all-day event will be held in the Hamline University Anderson Center on Saturday, November 9.

With a theme of, “Contemporary Challenges Facing Muslim Writers and Readers,” the goal of the conference is to raise Muslim women's voices in the literary landscape.

The schedule includes panels and workshops planned specifically for Muslim women who are authors and for those who aspire to write. Daybreak Literary Awards will also be conferred.

Local writers and Muslim women leaders will appear on panels throughout the day, including Dr. Tamara Gray, Kaltun Karani, Najiyah Maxfield, Maryam 'Umm Juwayriyah' Sullivan, Juwayriyah Ayed, Dr. Saadia Mian, Khadijah Rashid, Nusaiba Imady, Jenny Triplett, Tayyaba Syed, Sara Bawany, Louma Sebaihi, Huda bint Adnan, Afshan Malik, and Asma Nizami.

Previously, Hamline's MSA has invited Rabata founder Dr. Tamara Gray to their events and members of the MSA have attended functions at the DayBreak Bookstore so the student organization was happy to co-host the female-focused literary conference.

“We believe this event will serve to strengthen the voice of Muslim women in our community and we hope that the conference will serve as a space for building relationships, advancing our spiritual and educational process, and learning how to engage with the world through our piety,” said MSA co-leader Halima Ahmed.

MSA co-leader Sherina Dyrma added, “We hope that through this event we can create a long-lasting partnership that will enrich the Hamline community and the Twin Cities community with continuous educational opportunities.”

Written by staff.