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Called to Act

Pipers have always helped. Most recently, alumni, faculty, staff and students were responding to the crisis of COVID-19. Now we have been confronted by two new challenges: the visible crisis of destroyed businesses and community infrastructure, which has resulted in tremendous and immediate human need and the less tangible, but more essential, problems of racism and police brutality, which also need to be addressed. The Hamline University community wants to help and is well-prepared to do so. Doing all the good we can is a foundational value of this institution.

Hamline University has historically and continues to provide financial support to our immediate community in the Hamline Midway neighborhood of Saint Paul, Minnesota. That support includes yearly donations to the Hamline Midway Coalition, Hamline Elementary School, and to related organizations, including initial funding for the Neighbors United Funding Collaborative, which is now the main community fundraising mechanism for the area. These organizations are made up of community members and serve the neighborhood in different ways and all center equity in their work.

In this time of crisis, the university will continue to work with our neighborhood partners to guide ongoing and long term support for rebuilding efforts. In this way, we will ensure that we provide the type of help that is needed by our neighbors and partners.

In response to the murder of George Floyd, the university leadership has taken time to reflect and encourage thoughtful and purposeful responses that advance equity. This community is in the midst of planning specific, appropriate, and tangible action which will be shared as soon as possible.

For more information about how Hamline works to advance racial equity please see the Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation website.

In the meantime, in an effort to match volunteers with opportunities to help our neighbors, below is an initial list of ways that the Hamline University community can respond to the many emergencies now faced by the people who live in Minneapolis and Saint Paul. This list is not comprehensive and will likely change as new and more pressing needs arise and more opportunities present themselves.

We invite you to help the Hamline communications team by emailing mediarelations@hamline.edu with new information.

Volunteer Opportunities in the Hamline Midway Neighborhood

Midway Food & Empowerment Project

Contact: Emma Kiley or Melissa Michener 

Website: Midway Food & Empowerment Project
Emma: communications@hamlinemidway.org
Melissa: 651-494-7683 | melissa@hamlinemidway.org
Volunteers can sign up for a time and location here

Facebook: Hamline Midway Coalition

Midway Trash & Debris Clean Up & Graffiti Removal
Contact: Melissa Michener or Jen Schuetz 
Melissa: 651-494-7683 | melissa@hamlinemidway.org
Jen: 505-238-7674 | action@hamlinemidwaycoalition.org
Facebook: Keep the Midway Clean

More Volunteer Opportunities
Facebook link to Support the Cities

Facebook link to Bethlehem Lutheran Church in the Midway

Donation Opportunities
Hamline Church United Methodist Love Your Neighbor Drive
Facebook link to Bethlehem Lutheran Church in the Midway
Grocery delivery and supply distribution sites: view map

Financial Donation Opportunities

In Hamline Midway: Neighbors United Funding Collaborative
In support of ending racism: Black Visions Collective
In support of businesses on the north side of Minneapolis.

Star Tribune resource: Need help? Want to help? Twin Cities groups offer resources for folks hurt by riots

Written by staff.