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2013 Hot Topics in Business Law CLE

Date: September 27, 2013
Time: 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Cost: TBA
Contact: Business Law Institute, Donna Rauch, drauch01@hamline.edu
Location: Anderson Center
Sponsor: Business Law Institute
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Hamline Law's Business Law Institute is pleased to host its 2013 symposium, Hot Topics in Business Law: Tax, Corporate Governance, Employment, IP, and Financial Services.

Online registration is now available.

More detailed will be posted as they become available.

Keynote speaker: Susan Hackett, CEO of Legal Executive Leadership

Susan Hackett founded Legal Executive Leadership, in the fall of 2011 after serving for 22 years as the senior vice president and general counsel of the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC] in Washington, D.C. Her practice is designed to help legal executives successfully lead law departments and law firms, as well as lead other legal industry service organizations: she helps legal leaders to leverage knowledge, increase value, deliver results and practice more efficiently in the “New Normal.”

Over the course of her career with ACC, Hackett worked with hundreds of law firms and thousands of law departments, examining and sharing leading practices, and helping legal executives improve their service to their clients, across most every kind of industry and legal specialty. This rare insight and access to the practical workings of corporate legal service affords her an unusual advantage as a consultant; she’s been tapped for retentions to plan and deliver innovative law firm and department retreats, to lead strategic planning initiatives, to facilitate executive discussion think-tanks, to benchmark leading practices and assess their application to firm and department clients, to develop client survey tools and evaluate law firm and department performance, to deliver keynote presentations for major conferences, and to consult on process, structure, and service delivery options to improve firm, law department, and legal vendor performance and value.

During her career at ACC, Hackett held a number of roles and responsibilities. Often referred to as the “voice of the in-house bar,” she is most widely recognized for founding and fostering the ACC Value Challenge initiative (to reconnect value to the cost of legal services), developing “leading practices” and leadership discussion networks for CLOs and law department executives, and for her leadership in driving ACC’s advocacy efforts [including ACC’s amicus program, attorney-client privilege protection, the development of in-house legal ethics and professionalism resources, testimony and representation before decision-making authorities, in-house corporate responsibility initiatives, and multijurisdictional practice (MJP) reform].

Hackett has addressed more than 500 legal audiences as one of the industries most sought-after speakers, and has been quoted by most every major US legal and business publication and media outlet covering legal issues.

Hackett also led ACC’s pro bono and diversity initiatives for corporate law departments, partnering with the Pro Bono Institute to create and implement Corporate Pro Bono, and with Street Law to create and implement the ACC/Street Law Corporate Legal Diversity Pipeline program. She instituted and led ACC’s efforts to partner with the diverse bars to create new legal leadership opportunities for women, lawyers of color, and other groups promoting diversity in the legal profession.

Hackett is a 1983 graduate (dual B.A. in political philosophy and international relations) of James Madison College at Michigan State University, and a 1986 graduate of the University of Michigan Law School. Prior to joining ACC, Hackett served as a transactional associate at Patton Boggs LLP.