• How to Run a Degree Evaluation in Piperline

    Step 1: Locate the Degree Evaluation in Piperline
    • log into Piperline (https://piperline.hamline.edu/pls/prod/twbkwbis.P_WWWLogin) 

    • select Student Services/Student Records/Degree Evaluation 

    Step 2: Process an Evaluation
    • select a term (should be the latest term for which you have course registration) 

    • view your current curriculum/program of study information 

    • click the Generate New Evaluation link at the bottom of the page (note that you can also select a What-if Analysis if you are considering adding or changing majors and minors, see below for specific instructions) 

    • click the radio button next to Program (Master of Fine Arts in Writing) NOTE: the evaluation will not process if you do not click the radio button next to Program 

    • choose a term (this may be your anticipated graduation term, or the latest term for which you have registered for courses) 

    • click Generate Request

    Step 3: View & Print or Screenshot the Evaluation
    • select “View Detail Requirements”

    • print the page using File…Print or by using Ctrl+p OR

    • take a screenshot (press “PrtScn” on a PC; use Shift+Command+4 and use crosshairs to highlight the evaluation) then copy into the body of an email

    Step 4: Read your degree evaluation.
    • ALL requirements should say “Yes” under “Met” except for Thesis 1 and Thesis 2 (WRIT 8491 and WRIT 8492). If any requirements are not met, contact your advisor or the CWP office.