• How to Generate a Degree Evaluation in Piperline

    Step 1 - Locate the Degree Evaluation Process

    • Log in to Piperline (www.hamline.edu/piperline).
    • Select Faculty Services.
    • Read the Faculty FERPA Statement and continue.
    • Select Advisee and Student Information Menu.
    • Select Degree Evaluation.

    Step 2 - Select a Student to Evaluate

    • Select the current term from the pull-down menu, and submit,
    • Enter the student's ID or search by the student's name, and submit.
    • Verify the student name and submit.
    • The student's current curriculum information will be displayed.
    • Use the links at the bottom of the page to:
      • View Previous Evaluations (look at evaluation history by date or request number). Note:the Intent to Graduate summary email sent by the Assistant Registrar will include an evaluation number for reference.
      • Generate New Evaluation (run a new evaluation which captures any changes to registration, grades or curriculum since the last evaluation was run).
      • What-if Analysis (choose to evaluate a curriculum different than what the student has already declared, used for planning if a student may be interested in changing majors or adding majors or minors).

    Step 3 - Generate an Evaluation

    • Click on Generate New Evaluation
      • Click the radio button next to Program for the curriculum you would like to evaluate. A student may have more than one current and active curriculum record (i.e. double degrees or certificate programs).
      • Choose a term from the pull-down menu (you may leave whatever default term appears there).
      • Click on Generate Request.
    • Or, Click on What-if Analysis
      • Select an Entry Term (this should be the current term) and continue.
      • Select a Program from the drop-down menu (this corresponds to the degree or certificate being sought).
      • Select a First Major from the drop-down menu.
      • Add more if you would like to evaluate a second major or minors or a concentration.
      • Once you have selected all of the curriculum elements you wish to evaluate, click submit.
      • Choose an Evaluation Term (this should be the current term or the next future term in which a student may have registration)
      • Click on Generate Request.

    Step 4 - View the Evaluation

    • Select the desired display and submit.
      • General Requirements displays information regarding overall requirements (credits, GPA, etc.) and a summary of the courses used.
      • Detail Requirements displays the individual requirements for each area (Hamline Plan, majors, minors, etc.) and the courses used to meet each specific requirement.