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    Registration and Tuition Information


    Registrations are processed in the order they are received in the CWP program office. Contact CWP via email or call 651-523-2047 with questions about your registration. Please read through the Tuition & Fee information before registering.

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    Tuition & Fees     


    2019 Tuition & Fees

    Credit options: Students may choose to register for two Hamline University graduate credits or for no credit. Those choosing credit may be required to complete additional writing assignments and must attend the faculty reading. Work expected of those opting for credit will be equivalent to campus‑based courses in Hamline’s MFA in Creative Writing program.

    Two graduate semester credits: $1160
    Non‑credit: $1010

    Room and board: $415
    Students are housed in air‑conditioned, single‑room dormitory. Rates include basic bed linens, blankets, and towels. Bathrooms are shared. Meals are in the cafeteria, and rates include three meals per day during the seminar week. First meal is lunch on Sunday, last meal is on Friday.

    Commuter fee $65  
    Covers facilities fees and copy charges. Includes no meals, but they may be purchased separately in the cafeteria.

    Tuition + fees totals:

    2 credits, commuter     $1225  (1160 + 65)
    2 credits, room and board $1575  (1160 + 415)
    no credit, commuter $1075  (1010 + 65)
    no credit, room and board $1425  (1010 + 415)

    Alumni Discount

    MFA, MFAC, and MALS grads receive a 10 percent discount on the price of tuition. Alums from Hamline's undergraduate college with a creative writing major (BFA) are also eligible for the 10 percent discount. (Note: discount applies to spring 2019 grads.)

    Late Drop Fee

    The last day to drop registration for the 2019 Summer Writing Workshop without financial penalty is June 29, 2019. Inquire with the CWP office for more information.


    CWP Confidentiality Agreement & Workshop Basics & Etiquette Guidelines