• Midwest Migrant Educational Resource Center

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Who can check out materials? Any teacher in one of MMERC’s partner states who has at least one migrant student in class may check out materials. The district does not need to be receiving migrant funds for a teacher to be eligible.

    What does it cost to use MMERC materials? There is no charge to a teacher or district for using MMERC materials. MMERC pays for all shipping.

    Is there a limit to how many materials a patron can check out at one time? MMERC recommends that a teacher not check out more than two unit boxes at a time (unless ordering for multiple classrooms); however there is no limit with regard to all the other materials.

    How long is the loan period? The loan period is between 5 weeks during the school year. During the summer it is for the period of the district’s summer migrant program.

    Can materials be renewed? To renew is almost always an option—there are multiple copies available for many items. Materials can be renewed more than once as long as they are not on reserve for another patron.

    Can materials be requested online? Anyone can browse MMERC’s online catalog (http://mmerccatalog.hamline.edu). A patron number is required to actually place an order online. Contact MMERC staff for a number.

    Can materials be sent home with students? MMERC requests that all materials be used at school.

    Are MMERC materials available for purchase? MMERC’s materials are not available for purchase. However, patrons may check materials out to preview and MMERC will provide vendor information where purchases can be made.

    How are materials returned? Patrons should retain the original shipping box for returns. Each box shipped from MMERC will have enclosed an “RS” (Return Shipment) UPS label. This label should be applied to the outside of the box and the box left in the school’s location where UPS makes deliveries. The UPS driver will take any box with the “RS” label when making a delivery. Be sure appropriate “packing material” is put back in the box to protect materials while in transit.

    What do I do if I never received a Return Label? Contact MMERC staff. A label will be emailed or faxed to you.

    Can materials be checked out in the summer? MMERC materials are available year round. However, school year checkouts are due back by mid May to prepare for shipment of summer material requests.