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May 28, 2020

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  • Big Foot:  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

    A Step-by-Step Guide to Shrinking Your Ecological Footprint

    This is one of the Alex the Frog Series CD-ROMs produced by the Center for Global Environmental Education.

    Every day we can make decisions that create a healthier planet.  Learn how you and your neighbors can reduce the impact of your lifestyle - your "ecological footprint" - by:

    • reducing waste

    • recycling

    • reusing products


    • using water wisely

    • smart shopping

    • smart development


    In this CD-ROM for grades 4-8, you'll discover how much land and resources it takes to sustain your lifestyle. Learn to shrink your footprint through recycling, waste reduction, and reuse, with help from your lively host, Alex the Frog.

    All creatures impact their environment—no problem there. But every day we make lifestyle choices that have surprisingly big impacts on our planet. Knowing your ecological footprint—that is, the number of acres of natural resources required to support your lifestyle—and making smart lifestyle choices reduces global warming, protects wildlife, conserves water, and reduces pollution.

    The average American’s ecological footprint is a super-sized 25 acres; it would take five Earths to support humanity if everyone’s footprint was that big! In comparison, the average Western European’s footprint is 13 acres, and for Mexicans, it’s six acres. Explore this site to learn how to reduce your footprint. We can all do better!

    Can you shrink YOUR ecological footprint?

    The CD includes videos, visualizations, activities, quizzes and a Teacher Activity Guide.

    Explore the other K-12 and Youth Resources from the Center for Global Environmental Education.