Faculty and Staff Policies

The following policies are those applicable to Hamline University Faculty and Staff.

Alcohol Policy: Serving Alcohol at Events
The following policy covers alcohol use at certain events on the university premises.

Classroom and Space Reservations - Campus Wide Scheduling Blackout Policy
This policy is to minimize conflicts when large campus-wide events happen.

Classroom and Space Reservations - Department Conference Rooms
This policy is to define and identify the use of “department” conference rooms and how they are scheduled.

Classroom and Space Reservations - Priority Booking Policy
The purpose of this policy is to establish a Priority Booking List that enables the office of Classroom and Space Management to effectively schedule and prioritize space usage of large event and student learning/activity spaces on campus.

This internal document is to establish policy and guidelines in determining a consistent approach to fees for the use of Hamline University property, partially excluding venues such as Sundin Music Hall, the Anne Simley Theatre and Athletics Facilites, each of which set their own fees.

Computer Lab Software Policy
In order to ensure the reliability and performance of software applications running in the computer labs, ITS has adopted this policy for all discipline-specific software applications needed.

Drug Free Work Place Policy
Hamline University is committed to promoting an environment that rejects substance abuse as an acceptable lifestyle, to helping individuals obtain help for substance abuse problems, and to encouraging individuals to make health decisions about alcohol and other drugs.

Email Policy (Employees)
All faculty and staff members are required to use their Gmail email account for Hamline-related correspondence.

Google Apps for Education Groups Policy
To establish the approach Hamline University will use in the administration and management of Google Groups and to establish the appropriate use of Google Groups by the Hamline user community.

Google Apps: Terms of Service for Education Use
This policy describes Hamline University's terms of service for the use of the Google Apps for Education services.

Google Two-Step Verification Policy
This policy requires that employees who are considered key personnel by the University utilize two-factor authentication for accessing the Hamline Google domain environment.

Medical Records
Medical Records Human Resources Human Resources Human Resources Faculty, Staff, Applicants Hamline University is committed to protecting the confidentiality of medical records as required by federal and State of Minnesota laws and regulations. View the Medical Records policy.

PiperXpress HC Codes Policy
PiperXpress HC Codes Policy Admin Cabinet, January 13, 2016 Information Technology Services Information Technology Services Employees who order bulk mail projects through outside print vendors that are posted offsite from Hamline, must request an HC code to accurately track postage back to the correct

Release of Phone/Email
Faculty telephone numbers and email addresses will only be released with permission from the faculty member. Faculty members should inform their school or program office of their preference for release of telephone numbers and email addresses.

Religious Holiday Observance Policy
Hamline University acknowledges that students follow many different religious faiths and practices, which occasionally require that students need to miss classes for holidays on dates when the university remains open.

Restricted Funds
This document is intended to assist university employees in managing restricted funds. Always refer to specific funding agreements, proposals, and university policy for clarification.

Social Media
Since social media is relatively new to many employees, here are some “best practice” guidelines to help you use these forums effectively, protect your personal and professional reputation, and follow university policies.

Social Media: Official
If your department is interested in creating an official user account for Hamline University on a social networking site, such as a “Hamline English Department” fan page on Facebook, the chair of the department (or a faculty or staff member with permission from the chair of their department) must contact the Public Relations department.

Social Media: Personal
Hamline University has adopted the following policy related to faculty and staff personal use of social media.

TechSelect Mobile Device Policy
To establish the parameters of a technology acquisition program (TechSelect) that constitutes Hamline University’s official and required process of end-user technology hardware, device, and service acquisition and to stipulate the conditions under which Hamline-owned or personally-owned mobile devices may be used at Hamline University within the confines of said TechSelect program.

Vacation Policy
Hamline University's staff vacation policy. All vacation leave must be approved in advance of taking the time off by the employee’s supervisor.

See an alphabetical list of all Hamline University policies.