Student Wide Policies

The following policies are those applicable to all Hamline University students regardless of school affiliation.

Alcohol and Illegal Drug Use Policy
Hamline University is concerned with preventing the use of illegal drugs and the abuse of alcohol on campus and in connection with activities sponsored by or affiliated with a Hamline University program, class or organization.  Hamline also has an interest in educating students regarding the physical and psychological hazards of the use of illegal drugs and alcohol abuse, and increasing student sensitivity to the ways in which substance abuse interferes with the rights and privileges of others.

All Student Travel Policy
This travel policy is design to cover travel by students with, on behalf of, or otherwise sponsored by Hamline University that is outside the Twin Cities Metro area (or approximately 50 miles away from the St. Paul campus). It requires that all student participants must sign a general liability waiver and provide emergency contact information to be held in a Hamline-based office for the duration of the travel.

Bandwidth and Copyright Infringement Policy
ITS has adopted the following policy on bandwidth use and copyright infringement.

In support of bicycle use as a means of transportation, Hamline has adopted the following bicycle policy.

Building Use Policy
The following building use rules are necessary to preserve the quality of our environment.

Classroom and Space Reservations - Campus Wide Scheduling Blackout Policy
This policy is to minimize conflicts when large campus-wide events happen.

Classroom and Space Reservations - Department Conference Rooms
This policy is to define and identify the use of "department" conference rooms and how they are scheduled.

Classroom and Space Reservations - Priority Booking Policy
The purpose of this policy is to establish a Priority Booking List that enables the office of Classroom and Space Management to effectively schedule and prioritize space usage of large event and student learning/activity spaces on campus.

Classroom and Space Reservations - Rental Fee Policy
This internal document is to establish policy and guidelines in determining a consistent approach to fees for the use of Hamline University property, partially excluding venues such as Sundin Music Hall, the Anne Simley Theatre and Athletics Facilites, each of which set their own fees.

Code of Conduct: Students
The following section outlines the Hamline University Student Conduct Code and Conduct System

Hamline University has adopted the following policy regarding commencement.

Disability Accommodation Policy and Procedures
Hamline University is committed to ensuring all qualified students equal access to academic and extracurricular activities.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act: Release of Student Information
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 as amended, was designated to protect the privacy of education records, and to provide guidelines for the correction of inaccurate or misleading data through informal and formal hearings.

Freedom of Expression and Interest Policy
Hamline students and student organizations are free to examine and discuss all questions of interest to them and to express opinions publicly and privately.

Google Apps for Education Groups Policy
To establish the approach Hamline University will use in the administration and management of Google Groups and to establish the appropriate use of Google Groups by the Hamline user community.

Grievance Procedure for Students
The following procedures cover action by Hamline staff/faculty or misapplication of university policies, which adversely affects students.

Harassment and Sexual Misconduct: Procedures for Addressing Complaints Against Students
This policy lists procedures for addressing harassment and/or sexual misconduct complaints against students.  The sexual misconduct and harassment policies for the University are found under University Wide Policies.

Name Change
Name change requests for current students must be made to the students' respective registrar's office. Hamline alumni can make requests to either their respective alumni or registrar's office.

University Authority
Hamline University has adopted the following policy regarding university authority and civil penalties.

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