University Wide Policies

The following policies are those applicable to all Hamline University faculty, staff, and students.

Administrative Remote Access Software Policy
This policy provides Hamline ITS with the ability to resolve computer problems and to provide Hamline computer users with an understanding of their rights under the use of Remote Access Software.

All Student Travel Policy
This travel policy is design to cover travel by students with, on behalf of, or otherwise sponsored by Hamline University that is outside the Twin Cities Metro area (or approximately 50 miles away from the St. Paul campus). It requires that all student participants must sign a general liability waiver and provide emergency contact information to be held in a Hamline-based office for the duration of the travel.

Building Temperature Policy
Facilities Services has adopted the following building temperature policies in order to optimize resource efficiency and maintain employee and student comfort.

Chalking Guidelines
Students, organizations and campus programs can chalk on approved outdoor surfaces according to these guidelines.

Death and Injury Policy
Procedures for response to death or serious injury of faculty, staff, or students.

Developing and Implementing Policies
Hamline University is committed to the development and implementation of policies that are consistent and that have been approved at an appropriate level within the University.

Discrimination and Harassment Policy
Hamline University will not tolerate harassment or discrimination based on race, color, gender, ethnic background, national origin, sexual orientation, marital or parental status, disability, religion, age, or veteran status in its employment or educational opportunities.

Diversity Policy
Hamline University commits itself to inviting, supporting and affirming cultural diversity on the campus. All university programs and practices, academic and co-curricular, shall be designed to create a learning environment in which cultural differences are valued.

Firearms and Weapons Policy
Hamline students and student organizations are free to examine and discuss all questions of interest to them and to express opinions publicly and privately.

Hamline Magazine Submission Policy
Hamline University has adopted the following policy related to magazine submissions.

Google Apps for Education Groups Policy
To establish the approach Hamline University will use in the administration and management of Google Groups and to establish the appropriate use of Google Groups by the Hamline user community.

Google Apps: Terms of Service for Education Use
The purpose of these terms of service is to make the university community aware of certain obligations when utilizing the Google Apps for Education services. This policy statement was developed to ensure that this service remains available and reliable, and is used for purposes appropriate to the University's mission.

Hate Incident and Crime Protocol
Hamline is dedicated to maintaining a respectful environment free from all forms of harassment, hostility, and violence. Any act that has the purpose or effect of unreasonably or substantially interfering with an individual's safety and security by creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive educational or working environment will not be permitted.

Identity Theft
Hamline University has adopted the following policy on identity theft.

Notice of Non-Discrimination
Hamline University's statement of non-discrimination.

Parking Policy
The following policies and procedures have been established to maximize the use of parking facilities for the entire university community and minimize the impact of university parking on our neighbors.

Password Policy
Hamline has adopted a password policy in order to comply with industry standards and to increase the security of our information technology systems.

Political Candidate/Campaign Policy
This policy outlines the regulations Hamline University, its faculty, staff, and students, including student organizations, must follow in regard to political campaigns and candidates.

Posting and Canvassing Policy
Out of consideration for the right free expression, the rights of viewers, civility, tolerance, and respect, the following guidelines are to be followed when posting or displaying notices or information or when canvassing on the Hamline University campus.

Response to Crimes
The purpose of these guidelines is to provide information and suggestions for victims of such crime. Hamline is committed to providing every possible assistance to crime victims.

Sexual Misconduct: Policy Prohibiting Sexual Misconduct
Hamline University does not tolerate sexual misconduct, including sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking, and any related retaliation.

Smoking: General Policy
Hamline University is committed to protecting the health of all who study, work and live here. It is the university's policy, therefore, to prohibit smoking in any public building on campus and within 25 feet of any building.

Hamline University has adopted the following policy and procedure to ensure that both applicable licensing laws are met and that the overall stability of the university computing environment are maintained.

Technology Use
All users of Hamline's technology are expected to observe the highest standards of responsibility and ethics. In general this means that an individual's use of technology should not infringe on the rights of other users, utilize an unfair share of system resources, or interfere with the normal operation of the computer system.

Travel Policy

Vehicle Use Policy
This policy applies to the use of vehicles by Hamline University faculty, staff, students, and volunteers for Hamline University business. The vehicles may be owned, on long-term lease, on short-term lease (rental car), or they may be personal vehicles.

Violence Prevention
Hamline University does not tolerate acts of violence committed by or against any members of the campus community.

Weather Closure
It is Hamline University's policy to conduct classes as scheduled, but sometimes winter storms or other weather situations are so severe that travel is impossible.

Web Policy
The Hamline University website provides online access to university and external information sources that support teaching, learning, and community activities, as well as the marketing and administration of the university.

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