5-8 Social Studies Endorsement Additional License Requirements

State Licensing Tests

Basic Skills Test or equivalent - see MDE website
Pedagogy, Secondary (Grades 5–12)
Content Knowledge: Middle Level Social Studies (Grades 5-8)

Education Courses

GED 7825 Educational Psychology, 4cr*
GED 7815 Schools and Society, 4cr*
GED 7862 Education and Cultural Diversity, 4cr*
GED 7872 Exceptionality, 2cr*
GED 7867 Theory to Practice, 4cr*
GED 7888 English Learners in the Mainstream, 2cr
GED 7871 Teaching Literacy in the Middle and Secondary School, 4cr
GED 7873 Teaching Social Studies in Middle and Secondary School, 4cr
GED 7876 Teaching in the Middle School, 4cr
GED 7790 Advanced Practicum, 4cr
*Typically satisfied by initial license. 

5-8 Social Studies Courses

ANTH 1160 Intro to Anthropology, 4cr
HIST 1300 Introduction to United States History, 4 cr
HIST 3000 Workshop in History, 4cr
PSCI 1110 American Government and Politics, 4cr
Choose one:
       Human Geography (not offered at HU)
       World Geography (not offered at HU)
Choose one:
       ECON 1310 Microeconomic Analysis, 4cr
       ECON 1320 Macroeconomic Analysis, 4cr

Disclosure Information

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