Student Dorm Network

Academic School Year Computer Requirements and Recommendations


In the fall of 2004 Hamline University implemented additional security protocols designed to help protect our network infrastructure and its users from the increasing volume and effectiveness of malicious network traffic on the Internet such as self propagating viruses, trojans, compromised "zombie" systems, and criminal hackers. An important part of these protocols included the establishment of a registration system for all personal computers brought on to campus and connected to our network either through a wireless connection or the more traditional hardwire. This registration system requires that all personal computers meet or exceed a minimum standard before being granted access to our network resources which includes access to the Internet. This minimum standard, along with recommendations for those contemplating a new equipment purchase, are detailed below.

If for any reason you have any questions or concerns regarding the requirements or recommendations described here please don't hesitate to call the Hamline ITS Help Desk at 651.523.2220.

Computer Registration

When first connecting your personal computer to the Hamline network you will need to open your web browser and attempt to access the World Wide Web; the website you choose is unimportant. You will then be redirected to our computer registration system, called Cisco Clean Access, and provided with directions on how to register your system and gain further access to our network resources to include the Internet itself.

For Information about Hamline computer requirements go to: Get started Guide>Learning about Hamline University Computer Requirement.

 Need more help? Please contact the Help Desk by email or by phone at 651-523-2220