Residence Hall Network

Network Connectivity

Hamline University has a local area network (LAN) which connects all its on-campus buildings and dorms to our servers, which provide core services such as email and file access. This network also provides access to the University's high speed Internet connection, which allows web browsing and the access of other services off-campus.

Faculty and Staff: How to connect your MAC computer to the shared Novell disk space?

We now have the capability to allow you to connect to the information on your "U" and "I" drives., provided that you have the appropriate system software (we recommend system version Mac OSX 10 or above). To check your system version, go to the Apple Menu, and select "About this computer".

To connect to the DATA server:

  1. Go to the desktop menu at the top of your main screen, and select "Go"
  2. From the menu choose "Connect to Server"
  3. In the Server Address field type   cifs://  and then click on "Connect"
  4. A dialog box will ask you for your username and password; type in your Novell network username and password
  5. If for some reason your username and password doesn't work, contact ITS Helpdesk at 651-523-2220 or  for assistance
  6. If your password is accepted, a box should pop up that lists the resources you can connect to
  7. Select the DATA resource and click on "OK" . You will now have a screen that shows multiple directories

To access U: drive data, double-click on "shared" and then double-click on the subdirectories that appear to continue searching for the desired directory

To access I: drive data, double-click on "user" and then on the directory matching your network username 

Current Projects

  • Zero day start (computer account auto-generated upon entry to Hamline community)
  • Wireless access to the campus network in Bush Library
  • Single Sign-on (one username and password for all services)
  • Web-based file access for students

If you are experiencing problems that you think may be network related please contact the ITS Helpdesk at (651) 523-2220 or