Residence Hall Network

New Student Connection Policy

The following policy outlines the guidelines for student use of Hamline University's network and the support limitation provided to student for resolving network connection. As a student use, you are expected to read and follow the policy as outlined in this document.

Hamline University currently does not mandate students purchase particular brands of computers or network cards. Students are encouraged to purchase quality computers, and to assist in that process, students may purchase their equipment from the same computer suppliers that the University uses.

Student's computers are required to meet the supported hardware and software standards outlined within this document. Computers which do not meet the supported system baselines may be connected to the network, but Hamline University Information Technology Services Department (ITS) will not provide assistance in resolving connection problems.

Student Use of Hamline's Network:

Students are required to read and abide by all the policies set forth in the Hamline University Student Handbook. Specifically, they must observe the following technology policies:

Information Services does not allow the use of unauthorized servers on its network. Students must obtain written permission from ITS prior to installing a server on Hamline's network.

The use of Hamline's network from the residence halls or other specified locations is limited to the student's personal and academic use. It is not to be used for business purposes nor to facilitate the commitment of illegal or fraudulent activities.

The intentional introduction of viruses, or malicious tampering, is strictly prohibited.

Students may not make use of Hamline's network to facilitate "hacking" into computers, networks, servers, or accounts, both inside or outside of Hamline's network.

Hacking is defined as the illegal or unauthorized entry into a computer network or server for both malicious and non-malicious purposes.

Students may not make use of Hamline's network to facilitate the commitment of illegal or fraudulent activities, including the collection or distribution of illegal or "pirated" software or music.

Information Services reserves the right to limit or exclude any activity (such as access to certain MP3 Web Sites) which threatens the stability or health of Hamline's network.

Students who violate these policies are subject to discipline as outlined in the Hamline University Student Handbook, and may result in the student's loss of network privileges.

Resolving Network Connection Difficulties

ITS will provide assistance in resolving connection problems to student computers which meet ITS supported system baseline. This assistance is limited to help in resolving routine software and configuration problems, and does not include resolving non-network connection problems, hardware problems, or problems due to a corrupt Operating System.

ITS cannot guarantee support for all computer manufacturers. Because of the tremendous variety of possible hardware combinations available on the market, ITS will make a good-faith effort to make any computer, which meets the minimum standards, connect to Hamline's network. ITS defines good faith to consist of no more than one hour of time and may be less than one-hour if ITS determines the causes of problem lay outside the scope of support provide by ITS.

Similarly, because of the tremendous variety of software applications, drivers and utilities, which may interact with the student's operating system, ITS assumes no responsibility for resolving software conflicts that may arise with a student's computer. Although ITS may make suggestions for appropriate resolution, it is the student's responsibility to resolve all software conflict-related issues.

In the event that Information Services identifies the problem to be the result of a hardware or software conflict, such as malfunctioning hardware, conflicting software or corrupt operating system, the student will need to resolve the problem. ITS strongly recommends the student have the computer repaired by a reputable professional computer repair firm.

In the event a student's computer does not meet ITS supported system baseline, ITS will only provided assistance up to the network jack. ITS will make sure that there is an appropriate network signal available at the network jack in the student residence room, but will assume no responsibility for resolving problems with the student's computer.

Support will consist of two elements:

Help Me Connect! sweeps through the Residence Halls during the first weeks of Fall Semester, and

Basic troubleshooting and repair through the ITS Helpdesk for supported operating systems (Windows 2000, Windows XP, Mac OS X).

In addition, students are encouraged to seek assistance from their peers in resolving computer connections.

Residential Life Help Me Connect! Sweeps: Starting the first week of Fall Semester, ITS will dispatch Help Me Connect! Teams to the Residence Halls. The Help Me Connect! Teams will provide students assistance and advice in resolving common connection problems. The first sweep will occur on Matriculation Sunday for incoming CLA students, or during the first week of Law School, for Law Students. A complete list of times and dates will be posted in the Residence Halls.

To receive assistance from a Help Me Connect! Team, the residence hall student needs to fill out and place the Help Me Connect! door hangtag (provided in your residence hall packets) on his/her doorknob. The Help Me Connect! Team will use these tags to identify rooms having connection problems, and visit each room to assist in resolving connection problems. (Important: Help Me Connect! team members will not enter the residence hall room or attempt to resolve connection problems unless the owner of the computer is present. The computer owner must have copies of their installed OS and all network driver disks.)

Managing Student Connectivity:

Hamline University's network is a shared resource used by the entire University. The network exists to help the University's teaching mission. To ensure that mission is fulfilled adequately, ITS reserves the right to manage the University's bandwidth. Specifically, ITS may employ various tools and technology to restrict the Residence Hall's use of the University's Internet bandwidth, to firewall the University's network resources, and others similar network aspects.

 Please consult the Forum at for the latest requirements for software and hardware to connect to Hamline's Dorm network.

WARNING: You are not allowed to place any system running a dedicated server operating system, such as those from Microsoft, or device running a publicly accessible network service, such as DHCP/NAT from a wireless access point, on the Hamline computer network. If found to be in violation of this policy Hamline ITS may terminate network connectivity without any advance warning.