Residence Hall Network

Connecting to the Hamline computer network for the first time

Welcome to Hamline University! Hamline has implemented some system improvements to help ensure each and every student living in the Residence Halls can benefit from our computer network and access to the Internet.  Each device or computer that attempts to access the Hamline computer network or the Internet must be registered and its user authenticated as a current member of the Hamline community.

To get started all you need to do once you have your computer setup and plugged in to the network jack is to browse out to your favorite website. If you can’t think of one, try You will be redirected to a login page instead of the website you requested.

Once at the login page, you will be asked to enter your user credentials. You should enter your Hamline username and password. This is the same username and password that you would use to access your Hamline Gmail account and Netstorage. Incoming first year students will have received this information as a part of their welcome packet. You can also find this information on Piperline. You can visit the ITS Knowledgebase for more information on viewing/resetting your Hamline user account password. Please contact the ITS Help Desk in the basement of Bush Library if you are having trouble logging in or finding your account information.

Assuming all went well you are now authenticated and have been granted limited network access. For those running a Microsoft Windows desktop operating system, with the exception of Windows 95 and wireless networks, the installation of the Cisco Clean Access client is mandatory and until completed your system will not be allowed access to the Hamline computer network or Internet. If you need more information about how to download and install the Cisco Clean Access client, visit the ITS Knowledgebase at  Once installed, the Cisco Clean Access client will check to ensure that you are running a commercial anti-virus product and that you have kept up-to-date with regards to service packs and security patches released by Microsoft through the Windows Update website. If you fail to meet one or more requirements, you will be directed to a topic within the ITS Knowledgebase explaining what steps need to be taken to become compliant and gain network access.

For those that are not running a Microsoft Windows desktop operating system, you will note after a brief pause following the initial login that you have been granted full access to the Hamline computer network and Internet. The pause you experience initially is due to your system being scanned for vulnerabilities and other Bad Things™.

For those students that are running one of the supported desktop operating systems noted on the next page, Hamline ITS will provide at no cost a copy of the Symantec Client Security Suite 2.0 and will require that you install and run it as your anti-virus and personal firewall software.

Please take a moment to check the ITS Knowledgebase topics at if you have questions about getting online before contacting the ITS Help Desk directly. For owners of a Microsoft Xbox or Sony Playstation that want to take advantage of their network gaming capabilities, please contact the ITS Help Desk.

For Information about Hamline computer requirements go to: Get started Guide>Learning about Hamline University Computer Requirement.

Operating System Updates and Security Patches

If you are running a Microsoft desktop operating system, it must have the latest available service pack installed and be up-to-date on all security patches released by Microsoft through Windows Update.

If running an Apple Macintosh desktop operating system, it must have the latest available patch set installed and be up-to-date on all security patches released by Apple.

Anti-Virus and Personal Firewall Software

For Information Information on maintaining a safe and secure computing environment visit the Safe Computing page in the ITS Knowledge Base

WARNING: You are not allowed to place any system running a dedicated server operating system, such as those from Microsoft, or device running a publicly accessible network service, such as DHCP/NAT from a wireless access point, on the Hamline computer network. If found to be in violation of this policy Hamline ITS may terminate network connectivity without any advance warning.