Residence Hall Network

General Connection Information

Hamline University's network is a shared resource used by the entire University. The network exists to help the University's teaching mission. To ensure that mission is fulfilled adequately, ITS reserves the right to manage the University's bandwidth. Specifically, ITS may employ various tools and technology to restrict the Residence Hall's use of the University's Internet bandwidth, to firewall the University's network resources, and to limit the virus/worm infections of local resources. More information on technology use policies can be found on the ITS website under

The best way to protect your computer, and the Hamline network, is to make sure that your computer is properly patched and has a current version of antivirus software, with a updated virus definition file (DAT). Hamline University is using a product called Cisco Clean Access to help make sure that your computer is up to date in these respects. This system provides multiple checks to make sure that your machine is clean before allowing you to access the internet.

  • It first checks to make sure that you have the Clean Access client. The Clean Access client allows the system to further check your machine for patches and antivirus software. If you don't have the Clean Access client, it prompts you to download the client and install it on your computer (this is only currently available for Windows-based computers).
  • It then does a scan of your computer to make sure that you aren't currently infected. If you are infected, it takes you through a process to clean your computer
  • It then checks to make sure that you have all the proper Windows updates installed. These make sure that your computer isn't compromised by a worm that uses a known vulnerability to "hack" into your system and infest itself. If you don't have the appropriate updates, it redirects you to a download site to update your computer.
  • The system then checks to make sure that you have a current version of antivirus software and a current DAT to protect yourself from downloading viruses. If you don't have a current version of antivirus software setup, it redirects you to a site that you can download a copy of Sophos Antivirus, which we have licensed for you. This product currently provides antivirus software with DAT updates. This is only available for Windows-based computers at this time.

 Once your computer has passed all these checks, it allows you to continue to use the network. Your computer may need to periodically be rechecked again for infections and updates, so you may need to go through this process when new patches come out, or if a new antivirus DAT is available. If you have your machine properly set up to update itself, this shouldn't be a problem.

 If your machine doesn't meet the requirements, and you don't follow the update process, you may notice that you are still able to access the network somewhat, but you will be limited to web-only access (to allow you to update your computer appropriately), and it may kick you off periodically. You need to update your computer to register your machine as a CleanMachine, which will then allow you to access the network without these restrictions. Every two weeks, your machine will be automatically removed from the CleanMachine's list, which will force the system to re-check itself to verify that it's current.