Safe Computing 

Install security patches and use automatic update tools for your personal computer

Be aware: these recommendations do not apply to Hamline computers which systems are updated as needed by the ITS department.

Some vendors provide tools for automatically updating your computer with Critical Security patches. Microsoft regularly releases fixes, called patches, which will remedy the associated problem. You have two options for installing automatic updates for Critical Microsoft Security vulnerabilities:

Configure automatic scheduling of Windows Update: This option uses the Microsoft windows update site which can be slow at times. 

You can read about the various updates that are available for Microsoft Windows at

Apple provides security vulnerability updates at

Use the Software Update pane in System Preferences to automatically detect and download the latest security fixes from Apple. 

Configure Windows to update automatically by following the steps below:

1. Go to the start menu
2. Click on Control Panel 
3. Click on Windows Update
4. Click on Change Settings 
6. Change the drop box under Important Updates as needed
7. Click OK

Your computer is now set to automatically download the updates for Windows on a regular basis. A pop up balloon will tell you when the updates are ready to be installed and walk you through the installation. After the installation is complete, Windows may require that you reboot your computer.

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