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Owner: Academic Dean's Office

Pertains to: All students

Description: Hamline University has adopted the following policy regarding commencement.


Although the words are often interchanged, “graduation” and “commencement” have different meanings.

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All Students

Graduates are honored at the annual commencement ceremony held at the end of each spring term. Clearance of all financial obligations is essential in order to receive a diploma. Diplomas are distributed within six to eight weeks following commencement. The transcript degree conferral date is the date when final requirements are met or the term end date (when earlier).

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate candidates for a degree are to be present at the commencement ceremony unless excused by the Dean of the College. Seniors who complete degree requirements with the exception of two or fewer 4-credit courses remaining may participate in commencement only with the approval of the registrar. All requirements for the degree must be completed before the beginning of the first day of class of the following academic year.