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Class Attendance and Assignments: Graduate Students (Bulletin 17-18)

Owner: Academic Dean's Office

Pertains to: Graduate students

Description: Overview of policies related to attendance and assignments for graduate students


Students are not permitted to attend classes for which they are not registered. 

Students are expected to attend all course meetings and to turn in all course work as assigned. Students who are unable to attend a class or submit an assignment in a timely manner should inform their instructor in advance. Academic penalties, including failure of a course, may be imposed for missing class meetings or late assignments. Expectations for online courses are handled on a course-by-course basis. 

Students who miss class to observe religious holidays or to attend political caucuses will not be penalized if arrangements are made with the instructor in advance. 

If class assignments include group work, each student in the group must contribute his or her fair and proportionate share to the project. 

Students may not submit substantially similar work or material for more than one course unless they obtain permission from the instructors of all applicable courses. This applies to courses taken simultaneously or in different terms.