Student Health Law Association


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Officers (2013-2014)

President: Leah Fitzgerald
Vice President: Beth Deines
Treasurer: Shamila Merchan
Secretary: Brice Dzubinski
Events Coordinator: Marissa Newton 

About Us

The Student Health Law Association's goal is to promote experiential learning and fellowship among students interested in health law. We do this through community service, networking, and peer-support. Recent community service activities include volunteering at Children's Hospital of Saint Paul, conducting community trainings on how to implement an Advance Medical Directive, and highlighting Mental Health Week by offering stress management training and blood pressure screening. Networking activities include hosting speakers from local health law practices. The Association has also sent students to the national health law conference and helped organize Hamline's Health Law Institute symposium. Peer-support activities include facilitating health law student discussion groups and creating a network that acts as a springboard for academic success and employment.