Bridges scholars program

 Beginning of Course Evaluation -- Fall 2013 

Your responses to the following will be kept confidential. Your feedback is valuable as we assess the impact of the Bridges Course.

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How did you learn about the Bridges Scholars Program?


Please state the degree to which you agree with each assertion. Type in the comments box if you want to explain your answer further.

1) I feel prepared to choose a major? (Select "Not Applicable" if you have already declared your major)



2) I understand who I am and what I want to do with my life.



 3) I have a good understanding of what I want to do for a future career.



4) I am well equipped to make connections among my academic life, my career path and my personal goals and values.

5) I often use personal reflection to gain a better understanding of myself.

6) At this time, I feel confident in my ability to write an effective cover letter and resume.


7) At this time, I feel confident in my ability to perform well on an interview for an internship or work opportunity. 



8) I am confident in my ability to be an effective professional networker. 


 9) What is your motivation for participating in Bridges Scholars? What drew you to the program?


 10) What is your expectation of Bridges class based on your knowledge?  


 11) What do you see as the most important things to get out of this program?