• Blackboard Collaborate at Hamline

    Blackboard Collaborate is Hamline University's real-time web-conferencing application that provides Hamline faculty, staff, and students with a virtual platform for instruction, collaboration, and authoring. Blackboard Collaborate allows users from all parts of the world to come together and collaborate on ideas and learn together in real time.

    Blackboard Collaborate can be applied for live instruction, classroom collaboration, meetings, virtual office hours, student orientation, tutoring programs, remote guest speakers, virtual field trips, asynchronous content development, professional development, virtual helpdesk, and more.

    The Blackboard Collaborate platform allows you to:

    • Meet synchronously in a virtual teaching space with participants all over the world
    • Record a session that can be viewed later
    • Communicate with other users using video (webcam), audio (VOIP) and in writing (chat)
    • Write, draw and post objects such as pictures/presentations on a virtual whiteboard
    • Share documents, files and applications
    • Share your desktop
    • Tour the web together
    • Work in groups
    • Hold virtual office hours
    • Allow students to collaborate at a distance

    Why Use Blackboard Collaborate?

    There are many reasons why one would want to use Blackboard Collaborate. Some of the top ten benefits of using Blackboard Collaborate are:

    1. Increase completion rates and retention for distance education courses
    2. Eliminate geographical barriers
    3. Build online communities
    4. Save travel costs
    5. Increase staff productivity
    6. Accommodate multiple learning styles
    7. Incorporate technology in the classroom
    8. Scale information and knowledge
    9. Leverage limited resources
    10. Provide professional development