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Bridging College and the Professional World: Emma Harrington ’22

Photo of Emma Harrington, Hamline student

When Emma Harrington ’22 didn’t find an internship that fit her interests, she did the next best thing, or perhaps something better: She forged her own path.

In fall 2019, Harrington was searching for an internship in publishing. Along with applying for traditional internships, she also reached out to Flexible Press, a Minneapolis-based publisher. The small press had no formal internship postings, but William Burleson, the editor, was thrilled to work with Harrington. Together, they hatched the idea of 22 Under 22, an anthology of creative work by people between the ages of 16–22.

Along with two classmates as co-editors, Harrington also received help from Hamline’s Career Development Center to guide the process and establish goals for the project.

“A big hope for this project was to get an understanding of publishing through this unpaid experience, so that I can hopefully have a paid experience later on. Learning how to work with a team of editors and choose submissions is really helpful,” said Harrington.

Like other 2020 students, COVID-19 posed extra challenges for the anthology project team. When meetings moved online, Harrington got a crash course in flexible project management.

“We learned how to adjust the project and see this as more than a setback: a way we could grow from it,” said Harrington.

She’s also gained publishing experience through her work as editor in chief of The Fulcrum, Hamline’s undergraduate art and literary journal. Workshop-style creative writing classes also strengthened Harrington’s editorial eye and writing skill.

“I’ve always gravitated toward reading and writing. It’s so broad that I can do so much with concentrations, minors, and more specific classes,” said Harrington, an English major working toward a concentration in creative writing and minors in nonprofit management and women’s studies.

Harrington came to Hamline from Grinnell, Iowa. She had always enjoyed visiting the Twin Cities, and had family in the area

“My first visit, when I came to the admission office, I felt warmed and welcomed, and I enjoyed the people there. It seemed like they really cared about me and wanted me to come,” said Harrington.

In her time at Hamline, Harrington has also performed with the a capella choir and served as collaborations coordinator for the student programming board. In the coming semesters, she’s hoping to complete more publishing internships to reach her goal of a job in the field after graduation.

January 11, 2021
Written by Anne Kopas