• Déjà Vu, Hamline U

    When you're a part of a university that is 150 years old, one of the unique experiences is the sense of connection to those who've come before you. There were likely students and faculty who lived or studied in what is now your office in Old Main. Your residence hall room in Manor may have been home to the chapel or housed students who would become nurses. There were students returning to school after the war who met to swap stories and have a soda in the lounge at Drew Hall. The portraits of early faculty members helped shape our academic standards, line the walls in Giddens Learning Center. So, though we go on to create a Hamline University that is our own, feeling a sense of déjà vu should come as no surprise!


    The Oracle Newspaper Staff in 1895
    Raymond Kaighn (center, seated) was the editor.


    The Oracle Newspaper Staff in 2003
    Joshua Humphrey, Mandy Sevelin, Asher McClinton, Ryan Mayer, Aaron Swanum, Naomi Doriott, Graham Lampa.


    The Carnegie Library was Hamline University's first library building.
    It was built in 1906 and 1907 with a
    pledge of $30,000 from Andrew Carnegie.


    The Giddens Learning Center was built around the Carnegie Library in 1972.
    The front arches are now showcased as the entrance to the art gallery.



    The corner of Englewood and Snelling Avenues in 1905.
    This photo is shown courtesy of the Minnesota Historical Society.



    The corner of Englewood and Snelling Avenues.
    Here's the view from the same corner in 2003.




    Vern Fenske Kelley '28 in 1928
    Pictured above is one of Hamline
    University's oldest living alumnae -- Vern (Fenske) Kelley. This photo is of Mrs. Kelley on her graduation day in 1928 in front of Manor Hall.






    Vern Fenske Kelley '28 in 1998
    This photo is of Mrs. Kelley on her 70th Graduation Anniversary in 1998, again in front of Manor Hall. Mrs. Kelley currently resides in Hopkins, Minnesota, and along with her sons and their wives, 10 grandchildren, and 22 great-grandchildren, she leads a happy, active life at age 96.