• Clubs and Organizations

    Academic and social clubs have been an important part of student life throughout Hamline's history. The active clubs in 1893 included literary societies, music clubs, the oracle, oratorical associations, and the athletic clubs like the tug-of-war team! Although many of the social clubs on campus have changed, here are just a few examples of what Hamline students were doing in the past.

    As a student in the early years of Hamline, you could have spent your time participating in one of the seven literary societies Hamline had for students. These literary societies included the Philomathean society for men and the Athenaeum society for women. Don't be misled about early students, they weren't just all brains; they also had brawn as seen with Hamline's tug-o-war team.

    Hamline was a reflection of the times around the thirties, as many political organizations emerged including the league of women voters and students speaking out on peace day!

    Hamline students could participate in athletic clubs like the aquatics league and ski club, or you could get involved in Greek life. In 1959 there were three houses available for student fraternities and sororities including Alpha Sigma Chi, Phi Delta, and Tau Kappa Epsilon.

    With the newest production, "You Can't Take it With You" Hamline University has a long history of theatre arts. The Hamline Players were the predecessor to the current Theatre Arts department, and began in 1919. Their first plays were "A Commission" by Weedon Grosswith and "The Phoenix" by Lawrence Irving.

    Students in the 70s and 80s participated in organizations like the international relations club. The year 1969 also saw the birth of PRIDE, which began through a special exhibition of Black leader posters and works of African art, coordinated with NAACP's Black History Week. Rick Jones was the first president of PRIDE, and this year the organization is celebrating their 35th year.

    Students today have many organizations to choose from. Whether its student government, social justice, academic, or musical, Hamline students today are as involved as they were 150 years ago!

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